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Depressed and need help!


I'm sorry to post something so down beat but I'm loosing my mind. I can't stop crying and I'm having a really hard time dealing with things. I'm so depressed all the time and I don't know what to do. I know some of it could be due to the steroids I'm on but it's not all due to that, alots happened recently and I'm not coping with any of it. I'm sinking and don't know what I should do. Ive tried talking to my boyfriend about it but I can't bring myself to say everything like wise with my mum.

I'm just so tired mentally and physically and I just want it all to stop. Do you think the docs would just put it down to the steroids if I went to see the about it?? I'm already feeling like a completely failure and waste of space so couldn't take it if they laughed it off or just ignored it.

I really am sorry for the post but you guys are the only people I seem to be able to get sensible answers off and I'm at the end of my tether


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Oh MooMoo, nothing is going right for you at the moment is it? I hope things start to improve soon.

I don't have any experience in this area I'm afraid but I wonder if it would help if instead of seeing your GP who may or may not be helpful and where everything is already mixed up with asthma, you tried calling someone like the Samaritans?

Given how rubbish some (certainly not all) GPs can be at listening with even basic physical health problems I wouldn't want to chance it. The people on an adviceline like that will be trained to listen to people's problems and to provide constructive support.

It might also be more liberating talking to someone anonymously over the phone rather than seeing someone you know you'll have to go back to about the asthma - that would really make me reluctant to say too much about how I was feeling, if I knew I'd be seeing them again - and for the same reason I wouldn't want to pour everything out to family or friends and let them know how rubbish I was feeling. I know it's not the same thing as it's about the asthma but I often find it easier to talk to the adviceline on here as I feel I can be more open and honest about how I'm feeling.

I hope this helps even a little and that you do find someone to talk to soon and start to feel better.

Hugs xxx


I feel for you, we all get down from time to time, feel free to chat / message anytime if you need a shoulder.....



Don't despair we all have bleak moments . All I can say is make an appointment to discuss this with your gp as soon as possible. Whilst waiting use helplines ie samaritans who. CAn offer support til seen be gp. By admitting that there is a problem and u needing help is a positive step


Hello MooMoo,

I would definitely go and see your GP as soon as possible. I was in a similar situation several years ago when elements of my life were totally out of my control for nearly two years (witness in a court case) and my GP was my lifeline. I still see the GP now and I have a little chuckle with him about how I don't cry every time I see him now! Asking for help is the best thing to do and a relief when you do it.

Take care and PM me anytime MooMoo. (((hugs)))

Jac xxx



So sorry your feeling so rubbish. No one should have to feel like you do now. Your GP most certainly shouldn't ignore it. Perhaps book an appointment with the GP you feel most comfortable with and then tell them how rubbish your feeling and they should be able to help you in a couple of ways.

The other thing is having severe asthma and depression are becoming more and more linked... if you type depression into the search engine on the home page of asthma uk then there are some papers on it and there is also some advice for people suffering.

Asthma Uk recently did a mini campaign to get people to realise how common depression was when struggling with your asthma and in the campaign they highly recommend you rang the asthma Uk nurses to chat to, they may also be able to give you advice on what help your GP should be giving you.

Really (really, really) hoping things pick up for you soon.



Hi there

I really empathise with you. I was diagnosed at the beginning of last year and have had a tough year with my asthma. In addition I suffered a couple of personal losses and I have a very stressful job. By June last year I did not feel I was coping at all well and like you could not stop crying and felt unbelievably depressed. My husband and friends were amazing but ....I realised something more was needed. I spoke to my GP and was put on anti-depressants - the first time in my life I have taken them. Via work I was able to access counselling which proved to be the turning point. It was a hard few months but it did slowly get better and I am glad to say I now feel well and ok. It can be so hard to approach others for help especially when we want to cope on our own. However I really want you to hear that you need to be kind to yourself and at this difficult stage in your life allow others, not family or friends to help. I really struggled with this as I am used to supporting others professionally, but I now know it cant be done without letting other professionals in when needed.

I can only encourage you to do the same and I know we have not corresponded before but you are free to e-mail me if it would help. Put YOU and your emotional health first today you so deserve this.

Kindest regards and thoughts.


Sorry, just a quick one after reading everyone else's comments - I realise I sounded like I was saying 'don't see your GP, no use' but actually everyone else does have a very good point and they should be able to help you. I just thought initially you might want to talk to someone anonymously and just get it all off your chest (sorry!) but they might well end up telling you to go to the GP anyway so you can get counselling etc as needed.


As the others have said already speak to your GP initially as he can prescribe antidepressants and if needed get you an appointment to have one to one councelling, often doctors surgeries have in house cognitive behaviour therapy sessions. There may also be local mood management groups. Though be warned in our area the waiting lists are long and you can wait between 3-6 months to see someone on outside your GP practice. If you feel like you need urgent help go to your local a and e. Or if you want to talk to someone and off load the Samarations. If you are put on antidepressants they do take several weeks to begin to kick in and like the asthma meds you may have to change them until you find one that suits you. Things do get better, you just need to get through this bad patch...


Oh MooMoo, I'm so sorry that life is treating you so very badly. Everyone is giving you the right advice, to see your GP and get some help. In the meantime, try - my GP recommended me to try it when I was struggling with anxiety and it did help me.

Malawi2 is right too, things really do get better eventually. I have had my share of disasters when I felt that life could never improve and I would be at rock bottom for ever. Looking back, each of those times has been a turning point that has forced me to make changes that in the end have improved my life immensely.

For the time being, try not to expect too much of yourself. You've got a lot going on and it can be overwhelming trying to deal with several problems at once. Getting everything sorted out quickly would be nice, but not realistic. Take it bit by bit, even if you feel you're only nibbling round the edges of a problem because you will eventually find that you've dealt with it all.

Sending you many hugs and positive thoughts.



I agree a visit to your GP is a good idea.

It might help if you write down the problems your having, not loads just a summary. Then if you find it difficult to speak to your GP you can give them the summary to read. I've done this a couple of times for anxiety and I've found it very helpful.

I hope it goes well! GPs are there to help with these issues.


Just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and encoragement. I've had a bad night and day today spending most of it crying. I'm just trying to stay strong and speak up as much as possible and will think about going to see my GP.

I'm so pleased to have found you all and to be able to speak to you all without prejudice

Thanks again



Don't know if this will help, but write your concerns down than you can focus moreclearly and tackle them one by one. it helps others to see what is troubling you also. When my health got me down, I wrote and got help from my consultant, pastor and friends.

I know I have others to help me. After 16 asthma attacks and hospitalisations in 12 weeks I just thought it too unbearable, the consultant advised me over 4 years you have overcome worse. I didn't notice. My pastor helped me to laugh and my friends were supportive so my family could realx too.

So get all the help you need hon. Don't let depression take over you have enough to contend with with ASTHMA.



sorry to hear u feeling so down, its always best to speak to your gp, i have been on antidepressants for 2 years they have really helped me, i dont burst into tears every day now, sometimes circumstances in your life just get too much but it can pass, any time you wanna chat just message, i always think it helps to chat to sometimes people u dont know just as a release cos i feel sometimes you feel friends and family hear it all the time and it makes u feel guilty, we all in the same boat here so we can say anything :-) x


Thanks for the reply, I already take an antidepressent to relax my stomach as I have several stomach conditions and it seems to keep it in check. So I'm worried about speaking to my GP and them putting me on yet another antidepressent tablet. I probably should say that I already take 48 tablets a day plus 2 inhalers, 1 nasal spray and anti-inflammatory cream and want to get that reduced not increased. Oh and that figure isn't including the steriods I'm currently taking .... I rattle when I walk!!



Sorry you're feeling so down ((hugs)). I have suffered from severe depression and know it's no small thing.

I think you should go and see your GP and ask for talking therapy- preferably Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), but having counselling or seeing a clinical psychologist might help too!



Hi moomoo

I have suffered from depression on and off for years. It started with PND and then because of steroids asthma etc, more recently ( my daughter is 18).

Suffering from a chronic illness is enough to cope with without the rest life throws at you. My daughter has just been diagnosed with depression, she is being treated with meds and counselling and is better, but it was hard watching her and knowing how hard it is to cope with.

I can't offer a magic solution, but, just be aware that you are not alone, come on the forum and chat and you are not a waste of space!

Sending hugs

Lisa x


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