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Has anyone got the Pari portable neb?,

hi all,

i need to replace my old freeway lite, which i think is around 10 years old and starting to run down, i have the micro air, but ideally want a bit more of a work horse that i can use in the car without need ing to hold it, i prefere a mask generally.

i have noticed the freeway has been discontinued, and will go to evergreens in time , but they are closed till the 11th so am doing some homework first!!

any info or advice appreciated,

thanks, george xx

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I don't myself and don't use nebulisers. There has been several posts in recent months so I'm sure if you do a search, they will be easy to find. Good luck with replacement



I have this one. I think it is the same, it is yellow. Have had it for some time. Works in the car, battery and mains. Battery needs replacing now but it has served me well on and off for well over 5 years, recently had to bring it back out as unwell. I think it was very expensive £200 plus, but I like it.

There is alot of info on here about various ones so choose the best for your needs.

Happy new year

Lisa x


Although I do not have the Pari nebuliser I do have a portable nebuliser that I thought I would mention to you and it does work in the car and comes with the mask I have the Philips Respironics Micro Elite portable nebuliser which I have found very good.

I purchased this nebuliser from Evergreen.


Hello George!

Yes, I have one and got it to replace the Freeway.............It does come with a mask but it is a little small, I am convinced they sent me a small one by mistake. It works well with a mouthpiece but If I need a mask I pop a system 22 neb & mask on the tubing.

the tubing comes with a male end to go in the neb unit.

Good work horse!

Mine is the Pari Boy Mobile.




I love my pari boy!

I neb salb/atrovent, hts, and antib's with it and it's much better than any other nebulisers I've used!

Got mine with evergreen!



thanks guys,

i think that has helped and will call evergreens wen they are open again next week,

Asthma girl can you use a normal neb set on the respironics or does it have to be that specific one?

thanks g xx


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