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Dairy products and Asthma

I heard I whilst ago that cows milk and cheese can have an effect on making asthma worse due to it side effect of encouraging mucus etc. Just wondered if there's any truth behind this. I've been trying to give up dairy because I hear so many bad stories about it, and if the asthma issues are true then it would seem a really good reason also.

The reason I'm asking is because someone recommended Lactose free Semi Skimmed milk, and I wondered if this fell into the safe category, because I'm yet to find a really nice soya milk substitute.

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I cannot have dairy or egg with my asthma as they both make me really phelgmy more than normal. In some people dairy does increase mucus, It certainly does in me. I have soya everything. I find tesco and morrisions own brands of soya milk really nice, failing that by so liquid milkshake maker and add to soya milk, tasty!

I do find my asthma is a lot better when i avoid all dairy products, my mucus production is a lot less than with it, i certainly know if i have a little dairy the difference is huge.



Have you given rice milk a go?


Lactose is the sugar in milk and this can be the cause though it is usually lactose intollerance that is caused by the milk sugar - lactose.

Otherwise, you need to avoid milk completely if it is the other components of milk such as the proteins, caseines etc that cause the problem.

Please check with your GP before making any major changes to your diet, especially if you are female , on steroids etc as you need the calcium.

Tescos sweetened soya milk is OK.

Chocolate soya milk is nice too and goes well with weetabix, oatibix and perhaps other cereals too. Soya in tea is fine too! Though not chocolate soya milk in tea!

You could try goat's milk?



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