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Has anybody else experienced a rapid downward spiral today?

I live in the Berkshire area and in the course of one day I have gone from managed to bonding with my spacer at least three times. It's taken 6 puffs to ease off the last time (about 30 min ago) but it's only short lived. I can't think of anything within my pattern that has changed and I haven't been anywhere near me worst triggers so I am slightly perplexed. I have a charming headache too.


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Yes. My asthma has been a bit worse recently anyway and my GP increased my steroid yesterday, but today I've needed multiple Ventolin and use of spacer. I'm keeping an eye on peak flows and have various medical appointments this week anyway so will get help as needed.

For me it came with the mega thunderstorms we've had (I'm in London) - I don't know if/how these are related or just a coincidence?


saw one of my sharpest falls in PF readings for some time, no reason for it, but slight recovery tonight. Still, can't complain, no symptoms. Hope you get things under control soon.


I'll second Ratty on the effect of today's thunderstorm's in London - they really were impressive. Thunderstorms, treacle like heat, and fog all seem to have an impact for me - but knowing that definitely helps as then it's not a surprise/or source of worry to be needing more reliever on days like today.

Hope you feel better by tomorrow!


Yep, the thunderstorms really were impressive - hopefully they have passed now though and my asthma will settle down - feeling very tight/sob at mo so not looking forward to tonight.

I found this interesting fact-sheet from the met office on thunderstorms and asthma:

or (if that has a web address that is too long):

I thought it was very interesting and fits me well as I have huge problems with hayfever, especially grass pollens and fit the most 'at risk' age group.

I always prefer it when I understand 'why' something happens as it does/has the effect it does.


Thanks for the responses. I've just found some interesting articles on the increase of asthma related admissions during thunderstorms - especially when the weather has been hot and dry during the lead up to the storm. Feel somewhat relieved now that I know the possible cause - now if I could just get the elephant that has parked on my chest to go do a few tricks somewhere else for a few hours so I can try to get some sleep. (I'm a classic case of a person who attempts to use sarcasm and wit when I am in pain or getting scared as to deflect from the problem! Just in case anybody feels I am being flippant about my Asthma - trust me I have learned to develop a very deep respect for me achilles heel!!).


Cheers Ratty - that's the article I found too. I'm the same - I feel a lot better when I know the possible cause.

It's fantastic having a place to be able to discuss these sorts of questions / issues with people who are suffering from the same illness. I am a late onset case so I only developed asthma in my early twenties. My PF is ridiculously high - always has been - so they kept on diagnosing me with Asthma and then a different doctor would say I am not asthmatic and take me off the meds. I've had so many cringeworthy horror stories over the past couple of years with Drs, etc.


Yep its been a hard day.Not sure which is worst the heat last week or the storms today.

The con told me that thunder storms can be a trigger and to stay indoors the with the doors and windows closed.Oh the joys of asthma.

Its days like today that you need the forum,just so you know that you are not on your own.

Take care



How strange, I never realised that the storms could have an effect in this way! My asthma has been quite bad the past days or so and at it's worse last night when i had a nightime attack that woke me which is a very rare occurence, all the rarer as I am pregnant and appear to be one of those lucky people (touch wood) for whom my asthma has improved with my pregnancy. I have just read the details on the met office website, reallu useful, i will be keeping my doors and windows shut next time!


Yip definitely something in the air. Just back from the Dr, chest is clear and no sign of infection (really? gosh I hadn't realised that considering I've already established I am not feeling sick, not really wheezing and apart from the Big Five currently stampeding over my chest every hour I am feeling FAB!)

Back on pred - continue to self medicate at home although I will admit here that I am incredibly concerned that I am using my spacer as a nebu with ten puffs per treatment and having to do that every hour of so to keep it managed and I am completely exhausted by the effort it is taking to breathe - how can something so natural become such an ardious task. Combine that with the shaking and thumping head and I am starting to write my next ""I'm sorry"" card to my other half as I have already growled at him (not advisable when you are short of breathe), threw my reliever (a better option but then you have to sheepishly ask for it back) and continued competing for the biggest cow on the planet award! Anybody else have these days?


The effect of the weather

I enjoy your wit Kns because you need it. I have found that the extreme weather changes affects my asthma dramatically. In the last 2 weeks I have had 4 asthma attacks and 3 required hospitalisation.The last attack the ambulance crew were surprised by my upbeat attitude. On arrival to hospital I was blue lighted and they rang ahead to prepare resus for my arrival. These messages always makes me realise I am not alone. Thanks Gill


Hi Gill

It sounds like you have had a really rough couple of weeks. I always try to see a lighter side in even the most dyer situations as my attitude is one of the few things I can chose to control. How are you feeling today? It is really great to hear from somebody else that stays upbeat although it can really throw the medics sometimes - I think they are more prepared for panic and subdued. I also have the terrible habit of downplaying how bad I feel sometimes and am absolutely rubbish in determining when to get help and when to not.

I hope today goes better for you...



Nothing much i can add to what's been said but yes, it's the pits isn't it?


the link that you posted ratty was intresting reading ! thanks for that x


Have people whose asthma reacted to the thunderstorm picked up to pre-storm levels again?

Mine hasn't and I'm just wondering if others are the same? The nurse at the health centre heard me coming today :S (well me, my herd of elephants, my asthma cough, and even the wheeze which hardly ever comes out to play) and I'm seeing the GP (again... - I'm thinking of just setting up a camp bed and moving in) first thing tomorrow.

I'm so annoyed because I was cutting down my meds and was hoping for another reduction when I see my consultant next month.


No improvement this side

Mine isn't really improving. Almost had to call it this afternoon but managed to bring myself round to a managable level with an incredibly large helping of vent through the spacer. I can really feel it in my throat now too but don't really have the coughing which is normally one of my first signs (then again I've locked myself indoors for most of it and avoided any irritants).

Perhaps you gals / guys could offer me some advise please. My asthma in the past has been predominantly trigger related. The attacks come on hard and fast whereas yesterday and today it's been a continual struggle to catch my breathe... problem is that I am absolutely exhausted now but when I lie down it gets worse. I'm able to breathe so I don't really think it's that bad per say but my quality of breathing isn't really up to scratch and feeling slightly out of it. Is there anything else I can do to improve the situation? This probably sounds terrible but getting too tired to focus on the breathing constantly and when I don't focus it all goes downhill. Errggh I sound like a whiney prat - sorry.


KNS - hope u are feeling better today - if not you should really see your GP or speak to an asthma nurse. we are not qualified to offer medical advice and it could be quite dangerous if we did especially in an acute situation. keep us posted.


Yes; my asthma is usually well controlled and I rarely need my additional Ventolin - just the Serotide. However this last week I've been needing 6 or more a day and still feeling very breathless, especially at night. My GP has put me on some Prednisolone since yesterday - hopefully that will help. Not sure if it's the heat or pollen, probably both, but it's terrible.


Hi KNS - I would def. go see your GP/nurse. Saw my GP this morning; we're keeping an eye on things because I'm so desperate to avoid things getting worse. Advice at the moment has been increased preventative meds, reduced activity (seriously, how much more 'reduced' can I do...), avoid triggers, regular Ventolin and keeping a very close eye on things.

The really tight chest is getting to me because I'd got very good control and was pretty free of my symptoms - I'd forgotten how horrible this feels. The cough however has its benefits - everyone stayed clear of me and I had a double seat to myself on a busy London bus because the other passengers seemed to think I was going to give them flying pig flu... :D


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