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Please can you advise me?

My son was recently diagnosed with asthma. It's not too bad - mostly under control using the brown inhaler - but he has had a few night-time attacks which have meant that he has missed school and I have needed to take time off work. A friend said that she knows someone who is claiming benefits because she is caring for a child with asthma, but I have never heard of this, otherwise surely a million parents would be eligable! Can you let me know if this is true and if anyone is getting any help financially or with work-related issues, or if there are benefits but only for severe or complex problems?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Maria

I think you are looking for info on disability living allowance.

Here is a link to some info.

Also if you type disability living allowance or DLA into the 'search' box at the top of the page it will bring up previous threads on this subject.

Hope this helps

Truly x

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