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Allegys caused by food

Hi All

A few years ago my con's recommended that i went wheat free dairy free I managed with the dairy free which is still in place but I found the wheat free very expensive especially as my husband is a ceoliac so I have to buy dfferent food for him lucky enough though he gets his flour on perscription to make bread but I cant have his because it got dairy in So what I'm asking do any of you get wheat free bread or flour on perscription or can you recommend one that isnt to bad to eat or to expensive because my con said it would help with all the congestion I have all the time especailly running down the back of my throat which is horrible and causes chest infections all the time any info would be grately appreciated

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Hi Tas,

I have a wheat allergy too but fortunately not a dairy one. I agree with you about the cost...never good on a student loan. We are not entitled to foods on prescription, you have to have coeliacs :( I buy the dietary specials bread which is £1.99 (gulp!) a loaf but just use it for toast. Instead of sandwiches I have salads, jacket pots etc. I found that I was trying to find a wheat free substitute for all the wheat foods I loved but it just wasn't practical especially financially. Instead I just eat things that are wheat free not those that are from supermarket's wheat free range. Rice cakes btw are quite good.

If you search down the medical threads a few pages back there should be my one on wheat allergy where lots of people replied with some really helpful suggestions including websites and food products.

Good luck!

Em xx


Soz old thread is under general forum on the 6th page!



I am dairy free but OK with wheat (I think!)

I have experimented with wheat free foods .

Dove wheat free flour is quite good and is around £1:50 a bag (1kg) - It makes a nice chocolate cake - will dig out thread ref in a mo!

Corn cakes - bit like rice cakes are very tasty too!



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