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How A-Peeling!

Hope someone here can help me with this - eczema rather than asthma problem but I know it's something a lot of us here have problems with.

At the weekend I managed to catch the only sun in the UK. And it had to happen but after years of nagging my sister to use sun-protection and cover up I managed to get burnt myself - but only on my nose, so I'm now doing a pretty good Rudolph impression. :s

Unfortunately it's now itchy, sore, and red raw where it's peeling. I don't know if this is 'normal' as I've never had sunburn before, or a mixture of sunburn and eczema or something else.

What can I do to make it less sore/itchy? Diprobase is normally the only cream I can use anyway as I react to so many others but even that is sore :( Any ideas other than don't get burnt in the first place? :p

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Don't get burnt in the first place, lol. Like you said. I have eczema too but can only use oilatum...Have you tried sudocreme ( sp??), thats meant to be good for sunburn. The practice nurses use inadine on my eczema as its dries it up very quickly (although sore to start with, but its worth it to stop it itching and being flaky).

Sorry can't be of much help.

Hope you get it sorted soonx


Hey Ratty

I got really badly burnt a few weeks back which resulted in second degree burns, my skin is still sore now and I was advised to use aloe vera gel after using flamazine for a week. It's very soothing and the one I have is fragrance free, I know I'm an idiot lol and have now learnt not to underestimate the sun!

I coundn't use it at first cause I was covered in open blisters but once it started to heal it was great!


Hi Ratty

I did that in June, covered everywhere bar the back of my neck and the sunburn was pretty severe. Having severe eczema, like you found there was little one could use. Even now all these weeks later you can still tell I have got badly sunburnt. Number one recommendation is moisture, my sunburn actually split on the back of my neck despite lovely hubby applying double base to it every couple of hours. The pain lasted about a week, but was eased alot by the amount of double base hubby applied. Pop your cream in the fridge, the cool cream does make the pain easier to bear. Sorry I can't be of further help. Finally I cannot use oridnary suncreams because of the purfumes and colours that are added, but on trawling the internet discovered Begaderm Mousse made especially for people with skin conditions, could only buy it on line and yes its expensive £16 but worth every penny. Hope the sunburn eases soon,



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