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Airlines and Medications

Can anyone advise me as to whether all airlines have the same regulations and policies regarding flying with medical conditions and taking medication on board?

I'm due to fly to two different destinations in the next few months and I'm new to this flying with meds lark (I'm terrified of flying so have avoided going anywhere I need to fly to).

One airline I've contacted, explained my medical situation and they've been fine with me taking all my meds as hand luggage etc., but the other airline I can't get in contact with - I've tried email, letter and phone but no response at all. I can't think of any other way of contacting them. Will it be safe to assume that the same policies will apply as to the first airline (they go from the same airport) or what else can I do? I'm tempted to send another email saying ""As I have been unable to contact you I am assuming X, Y and Z and unless I hear differently from you I shall be assuming that this is acceptable"".

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Take it in your hand luggage as per other airline and all the usuall airport security policies.

Make sure you have a Drs letter etc. There are some other threads on this, have a quick search.

Which airline is being unresponsive?


PS Never put essential stuff in your main luggage as it may end up in Timbuktoo!


HI ratty

I had the exact same question the other day! Most companies do the same, just make sure you put all your medication in your hand luggage!

And take a doctors letter and a consultant letter and a repeat prescription script!

Love PLumie


Hi Ratty,

I'm not sure that anyone here is going to be able to give you a definite answer on whether airline policies vary. My thoughts would be that it is normally the airport that is the variable factor, as it is their security you'd be going through. The vast majority of typical holiday destinations have pretty standard airport security. (Elsewhere in Europe tends to be more relaxed than the UK). If any of your flights depart or arrive in the UAE / some other Gulf countries, you should check your meds are allowed in those countries (PM me for details).

My advice would be, if it is at all feasible, to take double what you expect to need, with one set in hand luggage and one set in your checked in luggage. If the worst came to the worst (and I really cant imagine this happening) you could give up some of your hand luggage meds and know you'd be OK as long as your bag made it. To be honest, I've never ever done this thinking of hand luggage security, but I do it ON EVERY FLIGHT incase I somehow lose my hand luggage. I also saw a story about a woman with CF get really stuck because her meds ran out when she was abroad longer than expected because of the volcanic ash, unable to get re-supplies - another reason to take more than you expect. I dont put Epi-pens in checked in luggage, as the hold can get really cold. (I have a feeling BA says theirs dont go below zero). Hmm... I guess neb vials maybe dont like being very cold? Not sure.

I take the absolute minimum of non-medicine liquids in my hand luggage to lessen my chances of being stopped.

I seriously cannot imagine you needing to know this unless you are flying into a war zone (where I learnt this) - if the airline is refusing to let you take any items in your hand luggage, ask them to get the pilot to look after them, and you can pick them up at the other end. When that happened to me, it wasn't meds that they confiscated anyway.

I suspect that if you are bringing oxygen for the flight, you need to inform them about this, or see what they can provide.

Maybe tell the airline when you check in, so that if for some bizarre reason they throw a hissy fit, you can put some of the stuff in your checked in luggage. My hunch would be that (as long as it doesn't involved oxygen), if one airline is fine with it, the other one would be too. Your idea of an email saying 'I assume it's OK to...' is a good one though.


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