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Crutches and asthma

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for coping / making things easier when on crutches?

I'm finding it exhausting and it's really affecting my asthma, probably because my asthma is in part exercise induced. It's hard enough to do simple things like pop to the shops when on crutches, but when it's bringing on the asthma as well, it's getting really difficult to cope. I ended up giving up and turning round and going home in tears today because I'd simply had enough.

Unfortunately I've been told I'm looking at another 3 months on the crutches and it could be a recurring problem (esp. if I can't get off the Prednisolone), so I need to find ways to cope and ways to get round without it bringing on my asthma - any ideas?

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hi Ratty ,was on crutches 7yrs .take 4 blue before go out and 2-4 while out and stop sit or rest when you can in caff and plan a good route before hand xxx


If its going to be a very long term thing what about an eletric chair? i know its quite a big thing but i could not live without mine! lets me get out and about alot more.


Ratty Glynis's reply is quite good, at times I now have to walk with a stick because of severe pain. I am beginning to realise that at times there is no way I am going to achieve certain things within a limited time frame. So I think what you need to do first is decide what you can realistically achieve in a day whilst having to use crutches. And take plenty of rest breaks. Maybe a referral to a Occupational Therapist might be helpful, where they could show better ways of managing to get around.


I think you're right Katina, however hard that is to accept. I'm still trying to do everything as I would before and it just isn't working, I'm getting exhausted, not achieving what I need to achieve, and it's affecting my asthma. I'm too stubborn for my own good sometimes. :(


I was on cruthes for 18 months, I hated them because I felt as if I lost the use of my hands as well. i learn't to do one job at a time, it gave me a sense of acheivement. Please take adequate breaks so the asthma stays at bay. Best wishes,



I was lucky in a way as my asthma got worse this last year and was over a year i got no sticks

so not had big asthma probs with crutches xxxx

Take care and go at your own pace and rest lots xxxxxx


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