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When will I feel 'better'?

I realise that this is probably a really daft question because it's going to be totally different for everyone dependent on their individual situation, but any indication might help to reassure me.

I've recently been discharged following my first in-hospital admission for a severe asthma attack on Monday. I was just wondering, how long will it take until I feel 'better' - at the moment I'm totally exhausted, can do very little without being breathless and it's really getting me down (my pf is about 70% of my best on a good day at the moment). I'm normally really active, swimming several times a week - I can't even walk to the swimming pool at the moment let along swim and I hate feeling so useless.

And a biggy for me as I'm someone who needs my sleep - when will things get to a point where I'm not waking 3+ times a night struggling for breath because I think if I can sleep then I've a better chance of feeling more 'alive' during the day, if that makes sense...

Sorry if these are really daft questions - I just want to feel like 'me' again as I'm quite frightened at the moment by the effect this has had/is having on me :(


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You're right that it is different for everyone how quickly they get back to their normal after an attack, and it can vary for each attack too. However, it sounds to me as though you've been discharged a little early, particularly as you say that you're waking three times a night. I'd be inclined, at the very least, to get an appointment with your GP asap (I'm guessing this'll be Monday), or even going to A&E so they can check you over. Are you taking oral steroids at the moment? Were you taking them when you were in hospital? If so, have you reduced them since then? If that's the case then it'd be worth considering putting them back up to your pre-discharge dose, but unless you have the okay to do this from your doctor then seek medical advice first. The important thing in all of this is not to let it drag out too long and deteriorate.

Take care,



When will you feel better?

First, sorry you have been in hospital, medically speaking I was told once by a respiratory specialist that it takes 3 months for the body to recover. But depending on the severity of the attack and whether I behave myself I often recover much more quickly. The key point being behaving myself, which I have to admit not very good at doing at the best of times. So the best advice I could give you is don't try to tackle your normal everyday life things straight away, don't be afraid to ask for help with household tasks and shopping from friends and family. If you have an active job, don't return to work too soon, and when you do ask your employer to ease your workload. Most important, if your body tells you to sit down and do nothing do it, it's telling you for a reason. Push your luck now and your recovery will take longer. I have been playing this game for 19 years and even now I am crap at behaving myself, but I do try, and when I have really pushed my luck have ended up back in hospital, it's not worth it. Get Well Soon personally find choccy biccies, cups of tea all delivered to you by your house slave help.


Yer I think Katina is right. Taking it easy = get better faster. My last severe asthma attack (requiring ICU) was just over a month ago (whoot, couldnt stay out of hospital for more than 2-3 weeks before) and I have still not recovered. Im ok during the day but still wake up 2-3 time during the night. I found if I do gentle exercise like yoga or 100 meter walks a few time a day it helps me get better faster but I wouldnt start doing this until you have been outa hospital for a few weeks otherwise its too stressful on the lungs. Talk to your doctor about increasing/starting prednisone because it sound like your asthma is not well controlled which makes it harder to recover.

If you get worse go to A & E. Better to get there with time to spare!!

Hope your feeling better soon!!

Kate xx.


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