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An asthma and allergy question!

I am interested in other people's opinion on this subject (not sure anyone will have the definite answer). I have always thought that after a severe allergic reaction/anaphylactic reaction that your lungs are 'twitchy' for quite a while and you react much worse to things. However, yesterday I went to see a lovely new Chest and Allergy consultant at Mary's and she said that if they were feeding me food I was allergic to in hospital (after an asthma attack) she wouldn't expect the effect to last very long.

I guess what I want to know is whether other people find that their lungs are 'twitchy' for quite a few days/over a week after a severe allergic reaction. I am hoping that if we can work out what foods I am allergic to, then I can get better control of my asthma!

Thanks for reading



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