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Triggers ??

My Nurse and Doctor seems to think I have a very strange trigger !, the main one is red meat cooking ! and smoke, thank goodness the smoking came in when it did or else I would not be able to go anywhere !, as it is going in or out of pubs etc is a knightmare running a gauntlet of smokers !!!, now I am affected by cleaning fluids and windscreen fluid for the car !! it just me ????

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Not at all. I don't really see these as odd triggers. Definitely affected by screen wash big time an dnearly all cleaning fluids, even the 'no smell' ones still have fumes and smoke is huge. Not personally triggered by red meat cooking but can see why some might be, things like toasting spices do set me off. Just annoying when most of the triggers are ones you can't seem to avoid isn't it.


cleaning fluids indeed any cleaning products - i.e. sprays etc. as well, are defo a biggie for me :(



Hi Sqiggs, trigger factors for me include smoke, perfume, cleaning fluids, aerosols, cold, windy, hot weather. Any strong fumes really, it's all very annoying.


thank goodness there are others like me !, I dont feel so much of a ""freak"" !!, I also respond to temperature change too !, the only time I have felt really well in the past two years was when I went to Gran Canaria I think the climate etc really agreed with me !, I never coughed etc once in two weeks, then got off the plane in Manchester and it started again !! glad I found this site to chat to others like me XXX



hey guys

Have u tried astonish it comes in a paste/cream chemical free no smell cleans everything cheap £ a pot at wilkinson or at lakeland.


Vacuum packed bacon is trigger for me. Non pre-packed Ayrshire bacon from the butchers is ok.

PS there's a thread on the forum called Daft Triggers. You are so not alone.


Currently any laughing=coughing fit. Grrr.

Otherwise I find it hard to work out what triggers are other than exertion, time of day, weather conditions - lungs seem to have a delayed response so can never work out what makes them unhappy!

As a steak-lover I have massive sympathy for the meat-cooking one! Very glad I don't have least I don't think I do (see above). Agree 100% re the smoking ban, even without breathing difficulties I hated coming home smelling like I smoked 50 a day and having to wash everything, such a horrible smell.

Not lungs, but currently not feeling great after landlord arranged for garden people to come round and mow - fumes came right into my bedroom, cheers guys. Not much they could do about it but I was okish (except for lungs) before that!


That's not strange at all esp. smoke. Hate it too, even the smell on others. Also find dry chilli/spices cooking, cleaning sprays generally, traffic fumes...


Lack of triggers?

This is slightly off-topic from the original post, but does anyone else have times when they have asthma attacks with no obvious trigger?

My husband and I spend ages trying to guess what might have triggered any given attack, which I find upsetting and frustrating. I think that part of it is my husband's feelings of helplessness, and wanting to find out what's making my asthma worse so that it can be 'fixed'. However, we often run out of physical triggers and then it's into psychological triggers (stress, anxiety, etc.). While I know that these are valid triggers, and have definitely had occasions when extreme emotions have triggered attacks, I find myself feeling quite defensive now.

Up until we got married, the most common thing to take the blame was the 'stress of the upcoming wedding' (which I promise I didn't find stressful - not that anyone will believe me), and I'd rather hoped that would stop now we're married. But no - it's now the 'comedown from the excitement of the wedding', or the excitement of going out for dinner with friends, or anxiety about an upcoming appointment, etc.

I feel upset about this because I don't feel that I can explain to people that sometimes things just get bad - maybe a mixture of triggers, maybe nothing. I feel almost as though it's my fault and that I should stop doing everything so that there's no stress or excitement in my life and therefore no asthma attacks. The only trouble is that I barely leave the house as it is, and if I cut out the occasional outing so that there's no stress or excitement, it doesn't feel as though there's much left!

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Wishes your problem sounds all too familiar. I felt like you were describing me! Also it really gets.on my nerves when the docs at the hosp/a n e say im stressed/worried/anxious. Cuz once they decide that it feels like thet dont take me so seriously anymore. And i also get pretty defensive in situations like that. The problem with me is that this is alkost always mentioned as i have a long history of serious depression... I always want to say something like: 'well if you couldnt breathe i bet you would be pretty anxious too!...


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