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Walk in centres grrr!

I went to the walk in centre today because I was silly and forgot to do my repeat. I have everything except Singulair. Since I've just come off citalopram and I'm suffering with dizzy spells I didn't want any more withdrawal effects over the weekend. I sat for an hour, which I fully expected after all I'm just dosey and not actually ill. Listened to the paramedic, the one that goes around on a bicycle who must have been waiting for a job, and the receptionists taking the mick out of each other and saying some quite derogitory things about one of their colleagues.

They also refused to see someone who wanted a salbutamol inhaler and sound quite breathless! I thought that was really bad and wanted to shout out to her that she could go to the pharmacy and they'd probably be able to give her one. Not sure why they let me wait when I wasn't breathless and needed different medication that's not as needed as a reliever.

Once I got in there the nurse refused to prescribe as they don't do repeat prescriptions. I explained that I have grass pollen allergy and what medication I take for my asthma and how it keeps it controlled but she says she can only give me five days and I have to wait 30 mins at least for the repeat. I told her I couldn't because I had a train to catch and she was a bit grumpy with me.

They were also telling people who weren't UK residents that it was £33 for a ten minute consultation! Its a private company who run the walk in centre you see.

So still got no singulair but hopefully will be ok, I can always up my symbicort.

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can you not ask in your local chemist and see if they will give you your singular and you can drop the prescription in when you have it have done that myself but have a super phamasist. sorry can't spell.

hope you ok


our chemist does the same and will lend you 3 days supply till u get your prescription from docs , would have to be were you get yours tabs from all time as they will have u on your records



Yeah I've done that before. Unfortunately yesterday I couldn't go up to my doctors as they will usually do my prescription for me then and there. (there has to be some perks of having a cute guide dog) I had two meetings at work in the morning I couldn't cancel and now the trams are off it takes to long to nip home and back on the tram. Had to get the train at 2.57pm to Hartlepool to see my boyfriend. If I got the train any later it would be difficult to make my connection. Although bizarrely I ended up on the train an hour after last night because I had an hours trip round manchester as a train was broken down between piccadilly and staylybridge so they cancelled my train and chucked everyone off at York and made us get the one after! So I could have stayed afterall and got the prescription instead of spending it having a tour of Salford and tameside! lol!

Going to investigate the after hours service up here. My boyfriends mum will know she is a pharmacist, but unfortunately she doesn't work in a pharmacy any more.


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