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Hi Folks. Good to be back

Just back from holiday. Vanfest, Cotswalds and Lakeland.

Needed that little blue inhaler a couple of times.

Once while I was in an antique shop looking at a book, the proprietor of an antique shop was smoking his pipe. I was fine at first but then started to cough. Heading to door - husband helpfully blocking my way and saying ""I thought you'd stopped all this coughing!"". Later, catching up with me outside, he asked why I hadn't stopped to buy the book I'd been looking at. Explained about the pipe smoke. Understood at once, went back in and bought my book for me.

Apart from that, only when climbing up the 1-in-3 streets around Windermere/Bowness and Malvern.

Looked in here once or twice via new phone when mobile coverage allowed. Even got a wee squint at the AsthmaUK blog before the signal disappeared once more.

Good to be back in touch via laptop.

Hugsies to all,

GM xox

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Great to have you back Granny Mo,glad you had a nice time,sent you a PM XXX


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