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Confession is good for the soul

For one reason or another, this last week, I've been forgetting to take my preventer inhaler/rinse out afterwards at night and now I think I may have symptoms of oral thrush.

Its come about because..

After finally getting PF done - hubby always has me bent double with laughter as either kids me about playing in a flute band to build up the puff or that he will come and push me in around the waist to get a better reading than my normal 250 - 310. LOL

Noting down the readings, how I've been that day, how many puffs of reliever, etc. etc. takes a while and by the time I've finished, had last loo visit, brushed teeth and nipped back into bedroom, smartish - and thus effectively blocking the cats from coming to bed with us by shutting the door on them - its only when lights out and snuggling down.. that it hits me! Never took the symbicort!

To stop the cats from getting their hopes up, I've been sitting in the dark, taking the 2 puffs, settling back down again and thinking, well its only a few nights when I've not gone through to rinse out mouth/brush dentures again.

Thus I now have sore roof of mouth and gums which I suspect is from thrush. Denture wearers rarely get the tell-tale white spots/deposits as there isn't the passage of saliva over the gums in the same way as 'real teeth' folk.

Tonight, I have sneaked away to take PF on my own and thoroughly rinsed and brushed inside mouth inside as well as my dentures. Really fresh clean feeling in my mouth. Now, do I want my bed-time cuppa or will it taste of Aquafresh?

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It will taste of Aquafresh. Always does. Hope you have a good night.



My bedtime cuppa is usually pepermint tea or a minty sleepy herbal tea... solves the minty toothpaste clashing with whatever....

Absolution granted! X


Thanks john37, I did have a good sleep and yes, the last cuppa did have a toothpaste-y tang. xx

Thanks Kate, too. For the peppermint tea good idea and my absolution. xx


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