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Allergic to places

I seem to be allergic to something around the town of Livingstone. When passing it on the M8, my throat goes into feeling like its closing, I can't make a swallowing movement and only application of Ventolin - about 5 puffs overall helps. Scary the first time it happened.

On the way back the first time, I watched the road signs and took two puffs from about about two miles away and no probs. Since then, I've back and forth along the M8 - four times in the last 10 days for one thing and another.

Thinking it was a one-off, I didn't bother doing a 'just in case' puff, until passing that self same spot and off we went again. Seems to be a spot about a mile in length on the M8 side, passing the railway station and about the same at Mid Calder on the A71 country road that curves around the back.

Looked at the map and I'm guessing its something from the Industrial Estate which seems to be on a straight line between those two points. Hmm..more detective work needed.

BTW Paisley's Causeyside Street seems to have it in for me too. Anyone else allergic to a town?

GM xx

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Not quite as clear cut GM but I reckon I'm allergic to Crawley.

I get tight chest, sneezy, cough and headache but not all the time (difficult as I work in Crawley!). I have a feeling that it's when the planes jettison fuel as I can always smell a really strong petrol smell when I get the symptoms.


Hi there,

You've hit the nail on the head!! Husband works down there sometimes too. He says its about ten miles from the airport and the planes will be dumping fuel as they come into land. We looked again at the map up here and that bit of Livingstone - Pumpherston - is on the flight path of Edinburgh airport about ten miles away too. Bingo!

GM xx


Allergic To Places

I also find that certain areas of my home town set off my asthma. I try to avoid these places but sometimes theres no other choice. As soon as I approach the offending road(s) my chest tightens up and I start coughing and wheezing. i have to have two puffs of my Salbutamol and need to stop for 'a breather' until it passes. It seems strange that other areas do not affect me that way.


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