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DH away overnight and therefore not here to give a nudge for the 'Vital Spark' as he calls my nightly inhaler puffs. Instead, I spent sooooooooo long chatting and playing several games against a USA friend on Facebook that we quite forgot until now that she is several hours behind me.

I have thus totally missed both peakflow reading and seretide (2 puffs) at relevant time GMT. D'oh! Crossing fingers this will not affect me in the coming day which is only hours away now (even though I have this coughing cold that everyone has at the moment). Its only one 'go' missed after all.

Just as well I do not have work to go to.

Going to bed now. 8(

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Easily done! I have often wondered ""where did the night go?"" I am sure you will be fine ""you dirty stop up you"" :)


Oops! Facebook is awful for procrastination and loss of time - ask any student!

When I was on lower meds I found setting the reminder alarm on my mobile useful to help me get into a routine of taking my meds. I seem to have settled into a routine now.


Now I understand why you're known as the ""Kamikaze Granny""...... nothing to do with ADI at all. ;oD

Take care, and enjoy the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Canonist ;oD


Hi all,

For my sins, woke up to building site - its right outside my bedroom window - doing their darnedest to be as irritating as possible. All sorts of weird and wonderful noises. Steel frame going up in the centre, semi-eliptical silent (and it actually is) pile-driving along line of new boundary. Its all go. Truth be told I find it fascinating. Always nipping upstairs for a wee look. Hang ADI, its a JCB for me!

DH phoned to say might be back tomorrow. I confessed to staying up forever and then some and he just laughed.

Meanwhile, I'm cooried-doon on the sofa with laptop. No warm furry cushions though cos one giant sneeze and the cats skeedaddled.


PS On the bright side, my Farmville land is coming into harvest. Can I interest anyone in a baby elephant or two?



I have plenty of baby elephants on my farmville - takes up too much time! I am keeping crops down a bit at the mo otherwise they whither!


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