asthma and pets

we are considering getting a dog, just recently we had a push bike stolen from our garden, and live next to a field, and feel that a dog will at least warn us that there is someone in / around our property.

we did have a dog a few years ago (springer spaniel) but having him around put our daughter into hospital.

At the moment our daughter's asthma is managed, she has 2 puffs of the brown inhaler twice a day and only requires the blue one if she gets a cold.

we were just wondering which breed to go for and where in the house we could allow the dog to be?

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  • A Small yorkie or a vaimarama that's a big dog and does not molt maybe but cost a lot.

    I have a dog and ok with it and a cat last year but dont let him get to close to my

    face as he always falls asleep on sofa with me on my chest so dont let him now .

    Glynis xxx

  • What may suit one person allergy wise may not suit another!

    Some people are allergic to all dogs, some just specific breeds.

    It would be foolish to recomend a dog that would suit a person.

    The best thing to do, if you really want a dog, Consult your GP first,

    then go and meet specific dogs outside your home. If they provoke the slightest reaction, you can remove yourself from the dog.

    There are some so called low allergy dogs which don't moult, these may be OK for some people.

    e.g Labradoodles (Poodle & labrador cross) Poodles I think (though not much of a guard dog) and Portuguese water dogs ( they have webbed feet!)

    Remember your daughter's health comes first!

    I all else fails, dog wise, chain up the bikes and speak to your local community police person for security ideas.


  • what I'd say is be careful, some can tolerate pets easily, I have a small dog, always have and not a problem, but someone I know she grew up with cat, but now if one has been in the same room as she goes into, she has a bad asthma attack.

    maybe take her around other dogs first, see if she's Ok with them before you spend a lot of money and have to get rid of it, you could then buy a replacement bike, and a big lock and chain, thieving bastards.

  • hi clairey,we have 2 miniture poodles,around the size of a spaniel,they dont moult and have been brilliant with kids,however you can be allergic to dander,so it would be good to visit a breeder and check how your daughter reacts,since my asthma has worsened my dogs are outside,temporarely i hope,and are quite happy in a super insulated kennel,with hot water bottles , blankets,and even an electric blanket during the very cold spell,good luck,fran

  • Hi please be careful, I have 2 asthmatic children. My eldest Son Has been off his inhalers for six months + as all was well.At Christmas he said ""I think my asthma has gone"" we thought he could be right. New Years Eve we went to a party where there was a dog, He seems fine while we were there but became ill on the way home. Luckily for us we had all the medication with us as my youngest has severe asthma. You guessed it, I had to give him masses of blue inhaler and nebulise him. No one slept and had a miserable New Years Day. My poor Son who is 12 was crying and shocked by what happened. He is only just back to full health and he's back on his inhalers.We will be more careful now, he always used to have allergic reactions with dogs and horses when he was small.

    It may be worth speaking to the police about how to secure the garden, our neighbour put locks on their gate and sharp runners along their fence as they had one of their rabbits stolen.

  • Quite simply, I definitely wouldn't ever, ever get a dog. I don't think that's it worth the risk, at all. My son's the same (and to horse hair too, and possibly cat). Absolutely no way. It is a trigger that we can avoid easily (unlike things like pollen and dust mites etc).

    If I were you I'd look into better security for the house if particularly worried about intruders. Maybe talk to the police? They can send someone round to assess your property for free and can give security advice. I really don't think that a dog is the only option for looking after your property.

  • have you considered allergy testing prior to getting a pet... may help to know what thing are a trogger

  • bad language.

    hi woody-som

    Please be careful when writing on the boards they are open to everyone to see and there could be young children reading the posts.

    Hope that you are doing ok at the moment asthma wise. Take care

    Lv kitkat Xx

  • bad language.

    hi woody-som

    Please be careful when writing on the boards they are open to everyone to see and there could be young children reading the posts.

    Hope that you are doing ok at the moment asthma wise. Take care

    Lv kitkat Xx

  • I am allergic to cats and dogs and have a furry cat at home. I take 10mg Loratadine daily for it and have had no problems since, however I don't have severe asthma. I would advise to be careful if you feel it is necessary to get a dog, and keep it out of the bedrooms, my cat stayed downstairs and allergic symptoms eased when I was upstairs.

  • This is interesting as I noticed contact with a springer made me very wheezy quickly. Seem OK with cats - prob because I've lived with them most of my life and am slightly allergic to most dogs (usually just affects eyes/itchy nose).

    Maybe try her around different breeds if possible and see how she manages, perhaps borrow a friend's pet, sure they'd be glad of help with walking.

    I have read on a couple of reputable websites that regularly grooming and bathing the pet (yes cats included) can help minimise allergy symptoms, get advice from a vet first though.

    Altho' I've always been OK with cats sometimes allergies can develop so when we got a cat I got a pet hoover (for the house!) and vac every day, + wash all her bedding weekly.

    My partner gives her a good brush regularly and sometimes a bathe! No she hasn't got used to it!

    We found a sticky roller brush in a pet shop which is good for picking up loose hair off her coat.

    Even tho' my asthma's been bad over last year and I'm reacting to a growing list of things I've been fine around the cat.

    I'd keep the dog out of bedrooms to be on safe side.

    Good luck


  • I Break all the rules and common sense when it comes to pets. I am now an old man of 54 and up to leaving home at 22 had various cats. However I struggled to live with them. Even now I cannot touch my eyes and come out with hives if their claws sink into me. Good old Savlon cvream. 18 month sago against my better judgement my domestic manager persuaded (?) me to have a dog - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, on the understanding that if things went wrong it was either lose the mutt or a divorce. However things went ok and now last week we got our second mutt. Please see my medication list on my profile. I am very lucky to have my Asthma controlled. Each person is different as in my twenties I could go to a house with a dog and be ill within ten minutes. What changed I do not know excpt that I ensure that there is a supply of fresh air into my space and that I peak fl;ow twiced a day and monitor my body.

    There is no right or wrong answer. Find a freind who has a dog and try it outside first but be warned if it goes belly up react fast and correctly. If you get a hound keep it downstairs and out of the bedrooms. Each different breed can cause different reactions. A small dog for a small home is the genral rule. If you have the space two geese are a fantastic watchdog but they have feathers - another long story.

  • Hi just thought id add my two pence...

    I have asthma and mild exzema so do my children, we have adopted a retired Greyhound and they

    are brilliant for people who have allergies etc as there fur is very fine and smooth and they hardly

    molt, they are the only dog apart from a pedigree Yorkie that does not provoke an allergic reaction in my hubbie who is super sensitive to dogs.

    Just type in Retired greyhound Trust in your web search and go and meet the dogs etc see if they

    cause you any trouble Xx

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