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tomorrow is my first ever asthma review - what can i expect?

tomorrow I am going to my new GP to have an asthma review- I havent had one since I was diagnosed 1 year ago. I have been to the nurse several times about my asthma (obviously) but they have never really sat down with me and talked properly about my symptoms and whether I should lower/raise my meds. so just wandering whether they will do another spectrometry test or something?

thanks in advance guys! :)

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You can most likely expect the following from your asthma review:

Peak flow check. Your GP will check your Peak Flow with you, make sure your technique is good etc.

Inhaler Technique Check - He'll check to make sure you'ree taking your inhalers properly, and if not show you the correct way or discuss alternatives.

He'll have a chat with you about your general health with asthma and make sure you're happy with how things are going and make any adjustments based on that.

I'm not sure whether this applies or not, but when I go for my asthma review around this time of year I generally get my flu jab aswell. Just a quick point lol.

Hope it goes OK :)

Vicky x


thanks for your reply Vicky, i went today and things went just like you said.

However wanted to share my frustration with everyone today!! Because last week I booked my asthma review with my GP (only just registered at this GP) and went and she told me that it was not her job to do this and that I should book an appointment for the review with the nurse.

today, like i said in my post, i went for the review. She checked my inhaler technique etc and asked about my symptoms and then told me- you ready?!- ""you should book an asthma review with the doctor""

I was like im sorry but i thought this WAS my review? and she said yes but she thought the doctor should do it as it seemed as though my medication should be changed and only the doctor could do that.

so i have ANOTHER appointment with the doctor now- the same one that i went to the first time who told me to go to the nurse :(

I am a very quiet person and dont like to draw attention to myself or complain and be a pain to people, so now i am scared about going back in case i get told off!! also they have a sign on their doors saying that we can only bring one issue up at a time per appointment ans since all my appointments tend to be about my asthma, when i have other problems i cant mention them at the same time!

result: I might as well pre-book myself in to the GPs every week for the rest of my life at this rate!!!

sorry just needed to let it all out. sorry about the essay!

Lizzie xxx


Hi.Sorry you seem to be messed about today.My asthma nurse as delt with all my meds and does a script then Gp signes it.Hope you get seen to better next time xxx


thanks Glynis.

They do seem really nice and kind but just Im not sure how these things word and they act as though the patients should know this duh! I think that if these sort of silly things didnt happen as much and they told me from the very beginning what to do, then doctors would waste a lot less time wouldnt they?!


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