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hi everyone. I have been thinking this for a while and wanted to share my thoughts with someone- and who better than my friends on here? :)

does anyone else feel that certain cold/flu medication adverts on tv make you sad, annoyed, jealous or angry? I was just watching one classic example of one advertising nasal spray i think it was.

all i remember from it in the end, is what i feel is patronising (and im not saying deliberately) how they come out with phrases such as ""because it is nice to be able to breathe"" or ""breathing is something everyone should be able to do"" etc. etc.

i know they dont mean any harm, but i hate it because it constantly reminds me that i am having trouble and that i cant just ""take a pill"" or ""sniff a nasal spray"" and make myself feel better and that for most people out there, a blocked nose feels like a disaster!

i have no idea why it is affecting me so much :(

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  • Funny you should say that - I always think exactly the same when I see these adverts. I saw one for a product for babies the other day and felt a bit miffed just like you. If only it was that easy!!

  • Those products don't even work that well for non-asthmatics. Just ignore them!

  • The ad I can't stand at the moment is the one for Boots. Two mums laden with the cold are talking about all the things they are doing and how they haven't a minute to themselves so they pick up something over the counter in Boots. I thought one was supposed to stop at home and not go out and about passing on our colds and flu to all and sundry. Feel this ad. gives completely the wrong message.

  • Granny Mo - absolutely agree. Can't stand that ad and if I can I mute it. It's so stupid - Boots should know better.

  • regarding the boots add, what annoys me is that it gives the impression that when MEN get ill, they can lie in bed while women wait on them hand and foot. look at them! the women appear to be really ill! and yet they are running around buying things for their husbands! and they even say ""well you know how it is"". we know how what is??? women are not slaves!!!

    grrrr... lol thanks for letting me vent on that one! :)

  • Don't hate me but I used to work in advertising :-)

    The Boots ad will have been based on an insight from a focus group of 'housewives'. One of them will have said she doesn't have time to be ill but when her husband gets manflu he takes to his bed and she has to look after him as well as do everything else. Everyone in the group will have said, oooh, that's so true, and so the ad reflects that as if it was the absolute truth about how it is for women. Then they will have tested the as with other focus groups of women who would have said, yes, I suppose that is true... And hey presto! That's how ads are written! It is lazy and cliched and best ignored.

  • hey i never knew that gamba! thanks for the info. :) you learn something new every day!

  • I agree, it does frustrate me when adverts promise breathing and not feeling unwell.

    But then again, it also frustrates me when my friends complain about how ill they feel with a cold, when I can't even get from home to the bus stop without feeling unwell.

    Then again, I do tend to be a little hypersensitive before a big splat.

  • Isn't funny how we all view things, I never take notice of adds for remedies for this and that because I can't use them. What I look out for are the ones that make me smile, at the moment I love the ongoing sage of ""Simples"" or the adverts better than the television programmes any day, even sad enough to have the Autobiography knocking around somewhere.

  • i think it is the same with people aswell like i am sick of people moaning about thier cold and coughs, like my partner has been moaning about his for weeks as he has a blocked nose and the other day said I cant breath, which really angered me, i nearly said it is a blocked nose for god sake try not being able to breath everyday for the rest of your life

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