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My family of asthmatics are struggling to cope with many residents of our town insisting on disposing of garden rubbish with bonfires. WE cannot go outside and experience breathing difficulties on such days. In this age of carbon emmissions, carbon footprints and recycling why does anyone need to burn garden waste? Anyone that wants to help fight this please write to councillors, MPs, parish councils etc. to try and clean up the air and environment of the UK.

Many thanks

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The simple fact is that household bonfires are permitted, provided they are not a undue pollution, nor on a regular basis.

I did check with my local authority and they sent me a guideline leaflet which confirmed the above.

Where I live, most houses have large gardens, mine is 55 metres long and, this time of year, the Green Bin can be full in one week end, therefore, bonfires are the only way of getting rid of the garden detritus.


Have you tried asking if maybe they could light their bonfires after dusk and pop around before to let you know so you can close your windows.



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