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Hi, This is my first post. My asthma has recently flared up and so has my alergic rhinitus. Not quite sure which is worse to tell the truth. My problem is that I live on a boat. To put you in the picture its got minimal carpeting and is large and open plan (about 3000 sq ft in total). The environment is not as damp as you might think and has central heating, insulation and a real fire. However water has recently got into the bottom of the boat which is due to a burst pipe. The bilge pumped out most but there is still a lot of water across the entire length which you just cant get to - well under the floor boards. The air flow in the main living quarters is minimal - below deck. This I think has led to a rise in the mould spores in the air and I am assuming this is why my asthma has got bad. I cant move out as its just too expensive to move. I cant get rid of the water without putting the boat in dry dock - 8k!

So theres my problem - I'm stuck with mould spores in the air which I have to treat in some way. I keep a dehumidifier running and its done some good but just not enough. In your opinion should I:

A) Buy more dehumidifiers

B) Buy some air cleaners with mould filters

C) Buy fans to get a better air flow

D) A combination of the above

E) None of the above

I dont mind spending a few quid as long as it improves the situation. Opinions gratefully received.

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My hubby used to work in fire/and flood restoration and from what he used to tell me it was important to keep air circulating as well as using de-hums. So maybe investing in some fans and placing them where the the de hums are might help. Though also it can take months for water damage to dry out, even if the surface area appears dry. Also (assuming that you are insured have a specialist drying company not been to visit you?)


Thanks Katina. Sorry my fault, the burst pipe was a bit of a red herring, as its a boat water will always be present in the bottom. As someone said to me ""show me a boat thats not got water in the bottom and I'll show you a boat thats not on the water"". Its more a case of - its damp - theres mould spores and probably always will be - how can I best minimise them in the air. So your saying fans and perhaps another dehumidifier? Do air cleaners do anything?


Hi again, just been chatting to hubby about your little damp problem. Said you can hire something called "" an air scrubber"" from a hire shop. What they do is they suck in the air and filter it of spores etc. But he doesn't rate them very highly. I live in a sectional built flat, and no matter what we do we can not get rid of the damp problem in our bathroom. In our case we just remove any signs of mould as soon as it appears and keep the place well aired. Most people don't realise that the mould they actually see on surfaces is dead mould, it's whats underneath thats live.


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