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So far, so good!!

well i have an absolute stinking cold. It started yesterday with tonsilitis, i have never had such a painful throat in my life. It also felt like someone was standing on my chest.

So as ordered by my asthma nurse, doctor & resp consultant off i went to the doctors to get some steroids & anti's. I had a high temperature yesterday but still battled through work.

I'm sort of glad i've got it because i've been having panic attacks since my last virus back in january.

My peak flow is still the same and i'm coping really well, thanks to the early treatment.

I'm feeling more confident now. I have started taking Kalm tablets to help stop me from worrying, but i'm OK!!!!!

Just wanted to share this with you, as i'm really pleased its working. Before i used to wait until it got really bad!!! Thats why i was so poorly.

Only one down fall...... the steroids are making me hungry!!! As long as i'm ok i don't care as i have just eaten a lovely bacon batch & now i'm just about to finish my tub of Carte D'Or for medicinal purposes of course to help my throat LOL!!!

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