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I've got an appt with an allergy clinic, without too much of a wait. This is good but the letter says I shouldn't take antihisamines for 5 days before. Will they really expect me to go 5 days without? The pollens not doing me much good while I'm taking them.

Do I need to get a doctors note to say I can't stop them? Feels like I'll be sent to detention if I don't do what the letter says!

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I have always had to go without antihistaamines for allerggy tests because the baseline they use is histamine that they need to see you respond to to benchmark all other reactiions against. I have PFTs next week and am currently on 1 steroid inhaler, 1 combined and 1 other inhlaer, 35mg of pred and 4 hourly nebs. Quite what they expect them to show when on that I don't know. But like you I can't go without them and obviously can't stop pred anyway. I would give the receptionist a call, I am sure you are not the first to not want to give up their antihistamines especially at this time of year.


We were told to give up antihistamines a week before allergy tests for my son. When I expressed concern they said there was no point doing allergy tests otherwise because the antihistamines will distort the results. I dont think the clinic letter is meant to be harsh - just stating facts. Actually, my son was okish without the antihistamines but like me, he is better on them. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks for the replies. I think if they want me to go without antihistamines then I need to delay the appt, these things are holding things mostly together for me right now.

I'll speak to the GP. Maybe I do need a doctors letter!


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