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No More Beclometasone

Hi All ,

as the title say`s i`v just came back from asthma clinic with my 3 year old and just been told that they are not making beclometasone any more, my 3 year old has been put on Fluticasone also known as Flixotide, does any one have any information on this asthma pump, will there be any changes in his asthma, and are there any side affects etc. He Got to go back to asthma clinic in 6 weeks for a review of this asthma pump,

All Information Would Be A Great Help To Us Thanks .

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Fluticasone (Flixotide) is an upgrade of Beclomethasone - it is a steroid and works the same way as beclomethasone - but has slightly less side effects and is more effective (I think)


Flixotide is the next stage up the steroid inhalers and should hopefully do him some good !!

I take it in large doses along with my other meds and it is by far the best one I ever tried but I only take dry powder versions as I can not take aerosols !!


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