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Long Haul Asthma & Waterproof Boxes

I am back from my very much needed holiday to Mexico! It was just what the Dr ordered, but it want quite asthma free.

I took several inhalers in my hand luggage and suitcase (well you never know), and off we set at 2am. Timing the inhalers was a bit tricky with the 6 hour time difference, but I just added an extra dose in to be sure.

I fell asleep on the plane, and without any coughing, had a full blown asthma attack which was fortunately brought quickly under control by my inhaler. I was terrified, as was my best friend, but I kept calm.

The cabin crew did not even notice, although a few other passengers were concerned.

Once in Mexico, everything was great, but I did need the inhaler several times. I even went snorkeling many times!

I was worried that whilst snorkeling, I might need my inhaler, but could not find a completely waterproof container for it anywhere. Has anyone else had any success with this?

One final note: my purse got stolen, containing my inhaler, so it might be an idea to take several on holiday.

Back home now, and dreaming of icing sugar sands and cocktail blue ocean. . . . .

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Hello Diva,

Glad you had a good holiday despite the small hicups!

Do you use an MDI inhaler (canister one)? They are OK if accidentally imersed though not the dry powder ones.

Waterproof cases - you can get small plastic bags from travel shops, outdoor shops that have a top that you can roll down and seal. They are used for mobiles, GPSs etc. Lakeland used to do some.

There are also some hard cases I have seen but you will need to ensure your inhaler fits as they are rigid.

Long Haul and time changes, I planned when to roll back and roll forward my meds by adding or taking away an hour over a 24 hr period, Inhalers are more flexible but if you take Theophyllines you need to gradually roll back or forward so every 10-11 hrs later or every 10 to 11 hrs back etc. More that 6 hrs difference can be tricky. I have done 4 & 5 hrs time difference though after not boarding a plane until 5am once, I totally lost the plot! (thanks to RAF waiting for spare bit for their Ice breaker which had to go on that plane to the falklands... they just fly when it suits them!)

others here may be able to suggest more ideas...




I also went to Mexico a few years back amazing snorkeling! If you google waterproof valuables bag you will get loads come up all different sizes. They're really cheap as well and mine worked really well didn't even know it was there. Luckily never needed inhaler while out but very good to know it was right there.



If u look at diving websites and look for dive valuable belts these are completely waterproof, they come in all sizes as 2 years ago we went to a water park in portugal and had one there, we got the size that was big enough for passports, phone, keys and my inhalers, they are quite flat and my hubby wore it just under the waistband of his board shorts and you could not tell, and with a Phone and passports in it I can assure you it was 100% waterproof, we did a test run with some odd bits in the bath before we went just to check .



Ooh thank you all very much for your brilliant replies! I now know where to look :-)


Night shifts

I have this problem every month when to take medication when I'm on nights. Inhalers are ok, as take 12hr apart. Tablets its tricky. But basically when I go for nap in afternoon before my night i'll take my night time meds. Then when i go to bed in morning its night time meds. Its meds after my last night i end up having two lots but i'm still here so works for me.


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