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I think I need to apologise!!

Just wanted to post an apology. I have only posted on this site 3 times in total and 2 of them have led to negative responses. It is not my intention to cause bad feeling amongst you and for that I am sorry. When I first posted I was feeling very alone and negative and due to replys I received from most people I decided not to post again as I was left feeling even more upset that even those in similar situations to my own didn't appear to understand. I continued to read posts every day and started to feel more at home with it but after todays post I am going to give it up as a bad idea, this site is obviously not for me. Once again I am sorry for any bad feeling I have caused.

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Hun it is NOT you hun please dont let people force you of the site!

Most of us are interested in you and want to help honestly some of us do!


You have done nothing wrong, its is just that what I thought was a tongue in cheek comment (after all she does seem to be the queen of free) has turned into one of the nasties and most horrid abuse fests I have ever seen.

Maybe the PM's could stop now please, I have been in tears for the past hour I hope you are happy.



U have nothing to apologise for gloomyeyeore. I have NO idea what has got into EVERYBODY. but wot i would like to say is STOP NOW.

Gloomyeyore i am so sorry that you have not felt welcome on the boards and i sincerely hope that you do not leave us. Please continue to read and maybe post when you feel ready. We are NORMALLY a friendly bunch of people. Unfortunately, as can happen when there are many opinions, things can get out of hand.

Anyway, How are you feeling now? I am interested in knowing what medications you are on at the moment. We might be able to give you some more specific advice if we know what treatment plan you are currently following. At the moment i am on pretty much maximum medical therapy including sub cut. There have been times when i have felt just as you have - what is the point of going on as things are not going to get any better. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes it is a little hard to see but it is there.

Please pm me if you want to talk more.

love and huggles



Thank you Rusty, voice of calm and reason!

Please reconsider GloomyEeyore, please believe me as a moderator when I say this is usually a calm, friendly and very helpful place.

Keep asking questions and advice, there are a lot of useful people out there to help.


perhaps keep us in mind gloomyeeorye. i also have sat back and wondered at times if this is for me but after a bad patch recently I can honestly say that if it hadn't been for the support given by all on this site i would have given up. Even if you don't post perhaps pop in every now and again and have a read. who knows you may find at some point that experiences you have had may help others. you can alaways feel free to just pop in and pm anyone of us just to say hi without any pressure of anything more.

hope you starting to feel a bit better

katharine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


You have absolutely no need to apologise you were only telling us how you feel which is your right.

We all (i imagine i know i do) have times when life and all it throws at us seems too much; i feel that this board is as good as any to vent and hopefully get support from and i hope you will feel able to carry on posting as well.

Tell us more about you and meds and im sure people will be able to suggest things to help.

stay with us .

ps love the name!! im eeyore mad!


Hi Eeeyore, I hope you are still reading the boards and im so sorry you felt there was a reason to apologise. I can't understand why your messages have provoked negative response but I do think sometiumes we forget that other people are on other side of puter screen and things are typed that may not have been said in person. Just wanted to say if my reply to your original post was too blunt I am very sorry, it wasnt my intention to be rude I just have a bad habit of shooting from the hip sometimes, only problem is i do the same face to face as well :-)

I guess I read your post about board being negative as a critism (sp) of the site which I can now see it wasnt. I can fully understand when you at the end of your ropes the last thing you need is upset caused by a website. Please stick about as the board has many caring,witty and supportive members who I am sure could help you with your concerns.

I am just sat here wondering that maybe your post caused such a reaction because you voiced feelings that others may feel but for whatever reason wont or cant voice. Anyway ill stop now before i get shot down in flames for trying to analyis :-) I dont have asthma , well not proper asthma anyway but my son has severe asthma and I know I have certainly thought recently is this ever going to get any better.

Ill stop rambling now and really hope to speak to you soon

Julie x


Heya Gloomyeeyore

I hope the reason you've not replied is coz you're waiting and not coz you've disappeared. I've got a habbit of irritating people so I know how you feel (not that I'm saying you've irritated people or anything like that). Please don't go, if some people don't value your opinion then that's up to them but you are wanted here.

I (like most on the forum) am always here (well, at the end of a phone line with email access) if you need someone to talk to. You don't specifically mention, and it's your business but I'm guessing you're suffering from depression? If that's the case you've always got us, I've been through that one and I know how difficult it is.

Please let us know you're OK.



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