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Histamine challenge - what do the results mean?


I had a histamine challenge a couple of days ago and had a reaction on the 2nd dose, does this mean I definately have asthma? I've had symptoms for 6 years and been treated as having asthma but due to not being controlled during this time, 1 hospital told me it was psychological and another told me they thought I was making it up. Now a 3rd hospital has performed the histamine challenge and could see my reaction I am unsure of how to feel - do I definately have asthma? will people now believe me???

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I'm not sure what the histamine challenge means but I just wanted to say you aren't alone. I have had asthma for about 7 years and all of the consultants had said ""Oh we aren't sure what is causing it"" asking if I was upset about anything and one suggesting it was because I was overweight- Well yes I was but that was because of the steroids! Luckily my GP and my asthma nurse believed me. When I went into hospital I would be so variable it was like night and day. I would almost crash then pop up again then crash for no reason. They just didn't know. Finally they did my IGE level tests and they came back I was exceptionally allergic to just about everything which explained the weird readings as, when I was coming into contact with allergens my asthma would cause almost instant wheeziness, but changing to other places meant removing the allergen and combining that with strong treatment made me feel better. Now they are running about like headless chickens as they have left it too long and they are now stuck. I hope you find out what's causing it but just to let you know you aren't alone!

Good luck with the doctors!


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