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Any sufferers of actual pain?

I have a pain in my chest. It is like a tiny sharp twig stuck in the center of my chest, sometimes I want to knock it to dislodge it.

This is an odd pain. Anyone get it. This is SYMPTOM - A.

I have wheezing but so mild you can't hear it SYMPTOM - B

Feeling of constantly clearing stuck phglem in my chest SYMPTOM - C

Nurofen seems to make worse - SYMPTOM - D

Thoughts ?

Holler back with yours

I take prevented brown and rescue blue - neither work tremendously well.

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Not sure how much help I can be but:

-I have rib/chest pains from effort of breathing. Not sure if it's exactly how you describe but if you're struggling perhaps related? However, get it checked out asap if you're worried.

-Do you actually bring any phlegm up? I sometimes have the feeling I'm clearing mucus but so far there hasn't been any.

-Nurofen has ibuprofen in it which can make asthma worse - maybe better to lay off it if it's making your symptoms worse.

In general - perhaps you should see your GP asap or if worried before then maybe get help tonight, if reliever is not working? But definitely don't take any more Nurofen if it's making things worse! Perhaps you could ring NHS Direct in case they have any helpful advice?


Yes I have asthma I know that - but like to check my odd ness symptoms.

PS Same clear my throat and it makes a noise like there is pghlem but yes nothing rarely comes into mouth.. but clearing does seem to move something..


Dear freddy

I am sure you have thought of this but just in case, I used to suffer terrible chest pain similar to how you describe and found out eventually after many months of constant pain it was gerd/indigestion. As soon as I was prescribed omeprazol the pain went immediately. Gerd often accompanies asthma. Hope this helps.



I had a similar pain but I have this weird thing where I had an artery compressing my food would get stuck, and then I would breath it in and get pneumonia. So I had surgery to fix it.

But now my esophagus is still a funny shape, so I still have problems occasionally. So once I've swallowed wrong, I tend to have problems with it for a week, until whatever inflammation heals.

I also take meds for reflux/GERD, and when I don't take them I get a pain right above my stomach kind of where my rib cage is. But it does give me that feeling like I want to cough to make it better, but then coughing doesn't help much.



For years my mum thought she had bad asthma, coughing at night, breathlessness, pain between her shoulder blades and wheezing until she went for an exploratory at the hospital. Turns out she actually has a sliding hiatus hernia which is called by doctors as the ""great mimic"" as many doctors misdiagnose it as asthma or heart problems! Since then she has medication and a new diet and hasn't had any symptoms since. It's really worth speaking to your doctor if your asthma gets worse after eating spicy or fatty foods as these can cause the hiatus hernia symptoms to get worse.


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