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could i have asthma?

ive been nursing my son with asthma for three years and ive always been ok.the last twelve months or so ive had constant coughs and colds and always run down .i catch anything thats going and once its on my chest it lingers for months at a time.i seem to get short of breath often now too which never used to it possible to develop asthma in your thirties should i go and see gp and ask for advice?

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If your having problems it is always best to go get a bit of advice from your gp I was 17 when I got told I had asthma. If it is or it isnt sounds like you could do with an mot not good catching all the infections you seem to be getting. good luck and I hope it goes ok take care xx


Yes Lisa you can, I wasn't officially diagnosed with late onset Asthma until I was in my late forties. It does sound very much like Asthma, that's how I started,, repeated chest infections and coghs and colds that never went away. BUT, I'm not a Doctor and I couldn't tell you for sure, you should make an appointment to see your Doctor who will maybe refer you to your practice Asthma nurse for a diagnosis.


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