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Annoyed at Government

Hi my names Amy and i recently wrote to the PM, secretary of health and my local MP in Hull about having to pay for my inhalers.

Got home on friday to find a letter from the department of health waiting for me saying that they can't do anything at the minute until the next meeting but that they doubt that this subject will be brought up!!! I mean it was an absolute fob off. They didn't even care at all they just gave me all the information about prepayment cards which i already knew and that they hoped this letter had been helpful.

I was just wondering if anyone else had tried this and got the same response or different??


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Hi Amy. I've written to the Government, MPs and other official bodies lots of times over the years about different issues - the reply you received is quite typical!

I wrote to the head of our Local Education Authority following the recent publicity about the death of schoolboy Samuel Linton from an asthma attack at his neglectful school. I eventually received a response from an official and all it did was waffle about government policy.. I was very cross (like you are now) but it won't deter me from writing again. It is important we make our views (on whatever subject) known to those holding the purse strings.


Hi Amz1991,

I have sent countless emails off to Tony Blair when he was our PM and never even

got a reply. sent about 5/6 xxx


Hi Amy

I write to the government a lot and the lastest reply i got is they no longer agree with early day motions and are wanting to scrap them. So we wont be able to put new ideas to the government so much for letting the public have a say in what the government do!

My Mp is an asthmatic himself as he keeps telling me yet i am not getting much further than this.

Keep pestering i guess is the key



Thanks guys :)

It really annoyed me that they just didn't seem bothered at all but i'll just have to keep pestering them everytime they send me another fob off.



Hi Amz1991,

I have sent several letters re: prescription payment (through asthma UK) and for the RSPB and Woodland Trust. I never get a reply I am totally happy with but, I do it because I think if enough of us do it each time they can't help but know what we are feeling strongly about. And maybe... just maybe, we might get a surprise one day!!! I feel it's better than doing nothing and then feeling frustrated at the politicians...



hi- i really feel for all of you who have to pay these terrible costs for prescriptions. as i have an underactive thyroid and have to take medication for life or i would slow down until i stop completely,i get my prescriptions free including my inhalers. i am so thankful for this as i have so many different meds to take my whole income would be given away as costs. having to pay for inhalers as with diabetic meds which are both essential and life threatening if not used, this should be an issue that is more important than what biccies for example that the mps will be having at future meetings x



Got a little postcard from someone who works with PM saying that this issue will be on the list of things that will be brought up at the next meeting in october so fingers crossed ey guys :) x


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