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hi there im new

Hi All

My son was worn at 25 weeks and because of this has cld. just over a week ago he was rushed to hospital because he could not breathe. Turns out he had a severe asthma attack. He has not been the same since. and cant sleep at night. He is 4 years old and has not been to school since. He is due back tomorrow would love 2 here from anyone in the same situation.

Love lisa xxx

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hi lisamummy and welcome to AUK.

I have asthma my self and 44 and children are grown up.

Just wanted reasure you a bit as I work in a school.

You can go to your sons school and request a coppy of their policy for Asthmatics etc.

Also arange to have a talk to the staff to see how your own child will be treated an give

them a copy of your sons action plan and find out what they do if he carnt press his

own inhaler down.

Our school have lots of children with asthma and as a lunchtime superviser see it on a

daily basis.

Your child should have a container or bag for his inhalers etc with a clear label of his name .

You would be best go to your sons school for reasurance and tell them your childs

indevidual needs etc.

hope that has helped you alittle ,and again welcome .



Thank you for the advice did not even think about the bag with name on guess lack of sleep is starting to affect my brain lol.

Think its lovely so many nice people out there wanting to offer advice

Lisa xxxx


Pump pouch and spacers

I'm no expert but I've been suffering badly the past week. Last attack I had was over a year ago. It could be the volcanic ash or the tree pollens or both.

Have you seen the pump pouch?

If you check here you can get little inhaler carrier which he can clip to his bag or belt. He'll never have to look for it in a panic again.

Also be worth looking at a spacer or nebuliser, which has a one way valve. He or the teacher could pump the spray into the unit then inhale in his own time.

The school might have one that they keep sterile for general use.

I was diagnosed when I was a toddler so I feel for him! It can be very scary.


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