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Do you smoke with your Asthma?

As the title really, just interested if anyone did, or does smoke with their asthma. It is a filthy habbit, but I'm not hear to discuss or judge anyone on that score as I smoke myself and please don't judge me either. I had managed to stop for about a month after Christmas, but then let myself down. Am trying again to stop soon far easier said than done!

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My asthma has been severe and uncontrolled for 7 yrs and for the first 3 i continued to smoke! and im a nurse so should know better? ive smoked while on iv aminoph and after being vented the first 3 times!! as you said no one can judge, its a habit thats hard to get out off, even when you know its directly afecting you.

good luck giving up

love Andrea xx


I don't smoke, personally, but I do know several asthmatics who do smoke including my brother-in-law. If you really want to give up try one of the special support programmes around because going alone must be really hard. It may get a bit easier when the smoking ban in public areas comes in in July.


I would of given up 2 years on 14th June (next month)

I went to see my local GP, where i signed a piece of paper with the nurse and ever since then i haven't had a ciggie anywhere near my lips!! I was given prescription nicotine patchs. Put on 3 stone but i have lost it & i've got loads more money.

It was hard but i was 'ready' to give up. Go make an appointment with your GP and good luck. You 'can' do it.


I gave up two yrs ago on 1st June after 22 yrs of smoking. This will sound mad but i never intended on giving up, on june 2nd i realised i hadnt had a ciggie since day before so thought i wouldnt have one till i wanted it and one day became two, became a week and so on. Not once did i tell myself or anyone else id given up as i knew as soon as i thought i couldnt have one i would light up so i had to play a bizarre reverse physcology game with myself lol. After a few weeks people started noticing i hadnt had a ciggie so I had to admit to them and myself I had finally given up! There has been many a time I could have given in if im socialising or even more so when sons in hospital and im worried but somehow I've not given in yet. I even found myself complaining it was too smokey when out recently and that is something i never thought id say.

Before I get judged and the I would never do that brigade come out ranting, yes I know i was smoking at a ridiculously early age and its not anything i am proud of and No i nver smoked while preg with Sean or anywhere in house,car or when i was with him so I havent contributed to his asthma.

I really wish you all the luck in the world giving up



Thank you for all your helpful and kind replies.

I had been on a course of patches via my GP which was ok, I found that I was able to go two or three days without a cigarette but then I had crazy cravings and gave in. I kept on trying and that's when I finally managed to stop just after Christmas.

Have ordered a book called Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr which is supposed to be really good, should be here by about wednesday / thursday.

Have had one or two since my major attack on Friday just gone. Really struggling with the cravings at the mo.


I did - I no longer smoke now.

Gave up almost 2 years ago after I had my first severe asthma exacerbation (mostly my exacerbations are moderate), even now after quitting though my exacerbations are still more severe than they once were.

I really could never handle it - always felt the smoke burning / hurting / irritating my airways....

Always worried about any person w/asthma smoking :-( I'm always sad to hear of anyone with asthma smoking, so bad for us to being smoking or anyone for that matter.

Had a friend w/severe asthma, he had it from about 18 months I think and died d/t his asthma Aug 2003 4 days before his 19th b'day; funeral date was his birthday (he also smoked). :(

Good luck Meady and anyone else trying to stop.


yup, i smoke quite a bit even though i have severe asthma, and i know it is very risk. but my depression has lead me down that road.


Ashamed to admit I still smoke even after lung cancer. I vowed having been given a second chance I wouldn't smoke again but let myself and everyone else down. I wish I could be hypnotised into thinking I had never been a smoker!!


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