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Puffa Pouch

My son has only been using an inhaler for about 6 months but was not very keen and also forgot to carry it at school or lost it. I was reccommeded to buy him a puffa pouch to carry it in. Brilliant idea, even comes in a camouflage design which he thinks is really cool. Bought mine from ebay for only £1 ( brand new). Going to order some spares as he is camping with the scouts this summer

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I had similar problems with my daughter she hates the inhaler. Got her the puffa pouch also.... She still was a nightmare so took her to asthma nurse stern talking too and review of her meds.... No longer to use the aero chamber seems she was embarrassed with it..... Since then she's been great at taking it .... Stroppy teenagers don't u just love them !!!!


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