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doctors notes


was just wondering if someone can clear something up for me, got to see the doc today and to be safe been signed off for a month.

I said i didn't think i needed that long but it was reccomended just in case but said if i feel i'm improving to go back and they'll change it.

However i need to hand it into my work so how does it work as obviously if i'm signed off i can't go in - do they give you an updated line or something else as a substitute?

sorry for being a teeny bit thick!

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Where I work we get someone to take it in for us or else post it!


sorry i wasn't meaning for handing it in i was meaning if i hand it in for the 4 weeks then my doc agrees after 2 weeks i can go back how does that work as i'l have already handed it in from now.


If after 2 weeks you feel well enough to go back your dr can sign you off with another sick note and you take that to work which will have the date your allowed to return back to work on it. Been there. Hope that helps a bit xxx


Thanks for that Kerry-Ann. Getting a tad bored with being off now but its def a lot better than being there.



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