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I Quit

Hey peeps,

Thought i would let you all know i quit Tesco today. Fair enough i have a week to go but handed my notice in and as of next thursday no more- and am so excited.

They have me filling shelfs just now which is fine but does involve a lot of lifting and moving of heavy things so my asthma is going crazy! arghh. Do you think it could be lifting and moving heavy stock and cages. think am gonna ask for light duties.

L xx

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Congratulations, Laurenjayne.

Maybe you just need to drop a few cases to get it off your chest! (Pun intended.)

Appropriate response, me thinks?!




good for you girl!!!!!!!!!!!! and make sure you do as little work as poosible before you leave!!

Lejaya x


Well done...They do not deserve you...and you don't need them.

Things will be looking up soon.

Keep well and Good for you !

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



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