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sore ribs


don't quite know what has happened. Took two asthma attacks today and as much as i'm fine my ribs on my left hand side are killing me and so painful! is it possible to do damage during an asthma attack?

Also i have a problem someone might be able to give me advice on. As much as i'm leaving Tesco next week i do feel am really struggling with all the moving of heavy cages and stock. my ribs are killing me. i've taking at least one attack at work each day - two today. do you think its fair for me to ask them if i can cut my hours between now and leaving? i kow i won't manage full shifts. i don't want to call in sick so was thinking that would maybe be a happy medium?


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Hi - perhaps you could try pointing out to them nicely that if you didn't have to move the heavy stuff you probably wouldn't have an attack, & if you didn't have an attack you wouldn't have to go home early every day and could work the full day! You would think they would have thought of that wouldn't you?

As to the ribs, do you have osteoporosis? If not it would have to be an extremely severe attack to do any damage. If your ribs are very painful then the temptation is to breathe shallowly but you must try not to do that because if you don't breathe properly you may get a chest infection

Good luck


i don't have osteoporosis. I am in so much pain. its like really sore and every so often when i breathe in its a sharp pain. i wish it would go away.

i don't know if its the lifting or the amount of time i'm lifting for - i work 9 hours lifting and moving stock (the surprising thing is i was moved to this as it was apparently really suited to me.) I really want to work my notice but its so difficult, i just don't know if they'd agree to let me do less.




I've been to the doctors this week with the same problem and was told I've strained my intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs) through coughing / struggling for breath during an attack on Monday night. I've had this lots of times before but usually when quite poorly with a chest infection so was surprised how rough I felt after an attack brought on by running in the cold (completely unplanned!). I've been told to take regular pain relief and rest if I can... hmmm final year at uni!

I think that you should probably see your doctor though for a check up if your chest is so sore and you're having frequent attacks.

Feel better soon,

Sparkly Fairy


I am in so much pain with it - think its to the doctors first thing on monday - its so sore and i just feel my breathing is a bit funny with it.

is there something really wrong with me that i am struggling to move heavy stock at work? i feel so stupid telling them that,

my hands keep going a bit tingly as well - i'm worried. went to get my shopping earlier and had to come home as was struggling so much carrying things - and was hardly getting anything.


don't know what to do about my last days in tesco either.


I can sympathise with you as it is painful and if you have strained your muscles the heavy lifting wont help. It does seem a bit odd that they feel this is the best role within Tesco for you! All I can suggest is regular pain relief, some form of heat from a wheat bag or hot water bottle and lots of rest, perhaps a hot bath might help too?

As Polly said you can tend to take shallow breaths if your chest is sore which might be why you're breathing feels funny. But if your breathing is getting worse and the pain is really bad you should really get some advice from out of hours gp or a + e. We can't give medical advice on here and only you know how you feel!

Take care

Sparkly Fairy


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