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Coat Cupboard


I just wanted to get a few peoples opinion on a matter - there is a new rule at my work regarding jackets - we have to put our jackets in a small closed cupboard rather than beside our own desks. I work with a lot of smokers and feel everytime i put my jacket on i start coughing like crazy and then start wheezing.

A few other people are complaining there stuff smells of smoke and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?


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I feel that it is totally inappropriate that your employers wish you to store your coat close to others in a closed cupboard. Apart from your clothing smelling of smoke which I hate also what if those people's clothes carried allergens like animal hair if you are allergic! If your employers wish for their staff to store their outdoor clothes like coats away from the working area, personal lockers should be provided. By law your employer is supposed to protect you from others smoke, ie no smoking allowed in the workplace, surely this in some way can apply apply to your clothing!


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