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Tracheitis and Asthma and I'm new!

Hello. I wondered if any one could give me any advice, I've been asthmatic since I was 12 but only had it mild for last 3yrs. I went from just salbutamol to symbicort with a few others in between. Any way Ive had a really tight chest for last 2 days so much so its been unbareable. Ive had the occasional spell of wheezing which is really unuasual for me but the salbutamol cleared that up but just hasn't touched the tightness in my chest. I'm not one for bothering doctors but after 2 days of pain and a sleepless night I went into see the doc today. He said my chest was clear but said I had tracheitis. I've never heard of it and wondered if it has any affect on asthma as the doc was in a hurry to get me out as I was last patient of the day and I don't like to bother people too much I feel like I'm being a nuisance. Just wondered if anyone new anything about it and if it could affect my asthma. The last thing I want is to end up in A&E I find it so embarrassing.

Thank you in advance

Danni x

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hi Danni

sorry to hear your poorly at mo. i've had tracheitis myself not nice at all its basically an infection in your trachea the airway that connects your nose and mouth to your lungs. did your doc give u ab's?

if not and you aren't feeling any better tomorrow don't be afraid to go pester the docs. better to catch it now before the infection goes south to the lungs, it can affect your asthma so keep an eye on it

hope your feelin better soon



Thanks for that scampi yes the doc gave me anti biotics and a 5 day course of pred so hopefully I will start to feel better soon coz I cant stand this tightness in my chest. I've never experienced tightness like this before and I suppose its frightening me a bit. Anyway hopefully I'll get a better nights sleep tonight. Thanks for your post



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