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Support Groups for Lung Conditions

Hello all

Today I found on the internet a local British Lung Foundation support group, for anyone living with a lung condition. At the moment I am really struggling with my asthma and seem to be deteriorating a bit (generally, I'm ok at the minute though!) and am finding it quite difficult to cope with (physically and mentally), although I have a fantastically supportive boyfriend (300 miles away...)

I would like to make new friends and learn how others cope with living with a chronic lung condition, but I can't help thinking that I'll be the youngest by 50 years and be comparatively well compared to some of the members and thus end up thinking I shouldn't be so worried about myself. (I'm not being assuming or prejudiced, I saw a picture of the group online and they were mostly definately in their twilight years...)

So, my questions to you: has anyone been to a support group for asthma or any other group (don't feel you have to specify)? Was it helpful? Should I give it a go?

I really am at my wits end, now there are no more meds for me to take and I ain't getting any better...all coping suggestions welcome please!

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Crazybaby

Sorry you are finding it difficult to cope with your asthma.

I agree that the majority of BLF website users are considerably older than yourself. That's why I prefer this website.

I did a course of pulmonary rehab at my tertiary hossie. It was also doubling as a support group. It was a bit of a giggle and also the other people had some useful suggestions. I was very much the youngest there by fifty years though so similar problems to the BLF website.

What I found was, that most groups for lung conditions often tend to have a greater subscription of much older people. Sadly I think this is just the nature of chronic lung condition. Don't automatically discount a support group due to age. Older people are living with similar conditions and face similar problems that are associated with such. I understand that often us younger ones have different aims in life to older people as we have yet to acheive the goals that a lot of older people have acheived many years prior to their condition becoming apparent/problematic.

You could try starting your own support group. Speak to your gp or hossie clinic about them helping or referring others to your support group. They may know of a support group that is already underway.

Which parts of your condition specifically are the most difficult to cope with? If you can be more specific I think suggestions may flow thick and fast!

I would have thought that where you are in the country there are many support opportunities available. I am pretty sure that someone on this forum will point you in the right direction.

I hope that you find some support soon as I know that this can very much be the diference between coping with this condition and not.

Take Care



I think it sounds like a good idea. You could join for a while and see how you get on. Don't be put off by membership of 'older people' - their experience of coping with ill health could be very useful to you.

Good luck.


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