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brittle asthma

Hi guys, I have just been diagnosed with Brittle astma Now known as Complicated Asthma. Can anyone explain to me a little bit more about it. My consultant has just changed my medication again and has also arragned for me to have a NEB machine to be in my home. I have been in and out of hospital nearly every other week with my asthma and been able to breath... i am glad now they are doing something about it as it has scared the hell out of me. Any one got anymore advice

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There are two types of Brittle Asthma, one type will have variable symptoms throughout the day despite being on high levels of medication, and from time to time like yourself may go through periods where you seem to be in and out of hospital like a yo-yo.

The other type of Brittle Asthma is where the sufferer will appear to everyone to be perfectly normal and virtually untroubled by daily symptoms, but will experience sudden attacks without warning and sometimes for what seems like no reason.

I see from your profile that you have decided not receive private messages, but should you change your mind you are welcome to pm me, I have had Brittle Asthma like yours for the best part of twenty years and if my experiences and knowledge can be of any help to you I am willing to be supportive as I am sure many others on here will also be willing to do.

Hope your health improves soon, best wishes


Hi Teresa,

sorry to hear you have'nt been well I hope now your meds have changed that you keep better. My daughter had what was diagnosed as ""unclassified severe asthma as she was neither Type 1 or Type 2 brittle. Like you she was forever in hospital and even sat her 'O' levels in hospital!!

She was also ventilated about 50 times. Her nebuliser did make a small difference to her life and she managed to get some time out of hospital. I hope you keep well and hospital free over the festive season as I know it's no joke being in hospital at Christmas. Take care. x x


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