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I just had to share with everyone that I got my copy of my referal letter this morning....bring on Birmingham and get me fixed...or semi fixed atleast!!!

I have to say though that for the hell I have been given with regards to it being in my head, VCD and dysfunctional breathing...the letter says completly different and my consulatant is admitting defeat!!!

There must be light at the end of the tunnel after all!!


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It must be a relief for you to know this is coming up and see it in writing.

Keep yourself well until then

MoominMama x


Great to hear! Hope you get appt through soon. Hmm, now to get mine sorted, wonderful efficient admin not!


Fantastic news Charlie!!!!

Must be a relief as well to read what it says about your asthma, its awful when you are mqde to feel like you'remaking this happen, as if you wpild!?!


Woohoo! Just hope not a long wait! At least your cons has come up trumps here - now why can't she do that in person?


TJ i looked at the date at it seems it was done last tuesday when i was an impatient and was a little persistent with nagging her to get it done!!!

Thanks for the messgaes guys, yes it is a huge relief i am happy now knowing there is a potential hope for me to get sorted.

One part of the letter that did make me chuckle was that she is moaning about me constantly going to a an e and that a lot are out off hours attacks...i think i might suggest to her that maybe she would like to give me her number so she can be my first point of call at 2am when im struggling...geeze I dont choose to have difficulties overnight...and if she was a real proper asthma person she should realise that most if not all asthmatics have problems at night...did make me chuckle!!



Great to hear! *happy dance*

Let's hope Birmingham can help :)


What brilliant news lets hope it is the start of something good!!!!!!


That's great news Charlie Warlie.


Wahoooooooo!!! Xx


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