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some of your loveRly advice would be lush!

Ok, so ive now been off work for 7 months, occupational health have ran out of ideas and are no longer meeting me and i have a big meeting with my boss and HR on friday...

My current cons isnt being very helpful and wont gibe me any guidance about returning to work and would gove me and action consequently im not going to be armed with the medical stuff...

What i would like to know is, on friday my boss will ask when i was last in hospital (as they ask each time they check in with me) do i tell them when my last attack was which resulted in an admission, which was a month ago...OR do i tell them about being admitted from clinic last week for observations as i wasnt 100%!?

Oh trying to work whilst sorting your lungs out just doesnt mix!!

Thanx in advance peoples!!!


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I know it seems like going backwards but if your consultant is not being helpful, could you ask your GP to provide information/guideance about going back to work. If he is filling in fitness to work statements there is a section for adjustments. Or give written permission for your work to contact your GP/Consultant to get this information (I expect you have already done this...)

With regard to when last hospitalised I would tell them about both instances as they will be considering your safety and weither you are fit enough to return to work.

I was in this situation last year and was told had occupational asthma, so know to my cost lungs and work don't mix. Often it leaves more questions than answers....

I hope you are on the mend soon and get the answers you are looking for.


Thanks malawi2!!

My company is a little harder to please being that when my gp signed me fit to work on two occasions, my company wouldnt accept!! Not sure how they can do this but they have!

Thanx for your help and advice!! Its a great help!!



Not sure of the ramifications of not letting you back to work once GP has signed you back as being fit to work. This seems very odd to me... Might be worth speaking to a union representative or Citazens advice bureau to see if they can help.


I was helped to go back gradually after a long bout off illness. Wherein I could slowly increase my hours or days as I saw fit, or reduce if it got troublesome. The alternative was I go back with a letter from the doctor saying i could do a 5 day week, fail and then I fail my objectives and am forced to leave. It helped me get back for a while.

See your Gp as he Should be able to help you and seek help from citizens advice too. I hope this helps.



thank you for advice people...very much apreciated...will definatly call CA and go back to my gp who is very helpful compared to my cons!

and i have no idea how they could accept my return to work form...absolutly bizare...and i looked like a muppet going back to my gp telling him he had to sign me off again as work didnt think i was fit enough :S



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