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I need advise!

Surprisingly i work 4 the NHS!! My asthma has been shit recently, well since april and i have been unable to work due to spending most of time in hospital. I have also had rather a lot of sickness since being employed with them because of my chest.

My employed told me a month ago that i still have 6 months of full pay, i recieved a letter 2 weeks ago that stated that as of this month i am no longer getting paid by them. But the prob is, they wont let me back onto the was because my asthma is so inpredictable and because i am so immuno compromised with being on a high does of steriods for so now worried though as im not going to be able to afford my flat and fear that i wont ever be able to get back into proper employment...o and to top off im not classidied as disabled like most people with asthma of my severity because aparently i can walk to far unaided!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do, and help i can get or where i can get advice to!!!???



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