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Just a query, if anyoe knows... You know if RRV comes out to you and they can just give you some o2 and extra nebs if not massivly bad and ship you off to thr dreaded place...can they also cannulate and give hydro but continue to let you stay at home, or would they at this point have to take you in coz youve needed iv trestment!?

AND can your gp technically do any more than just nebs, can they give u hydro etc or would they just send you straight in again...

Im trying to think of ways that i could potentially avoid trips to costa but wonderin how id stand needing more drugs as i do the nebbing bit at home!!


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  • Paramedics cannot force you to go to hospital at any time. It is strongly advised that if they give you IV Hydro or anything IM/IV that you go to hosp, but you can't be forced into anything.

    GP's can give IM hydro also but you wouldn't have to go to hospital as a matter of urgency afterwards. Obviously though if you're bad enough to be considering this kind of thing you want to be getting help rather sharpish.

    Feel free to correct me anyone, memory a bit foggy at the minute!

  • Cheers ears, i no on 1 occasion paras said they can treat me in my living room but then asked if id been to itu before and when i said yes they said safer to go in...also because i live solo...

    I just cant be dealing with living in a constant bouncy ball land so trying to find alternative ways!!


  • ambo

    hey charlie,

    my sis is a paramadic and i'm a nurse, generally if you need cannulated and IV drugs administered it's considered invasive treatment - IV fluids, medications are a drug same as any other, and are not given lightly. therefore it's paramedics duty of care to you to advise travel to hospital, and if their assessment of you thinks you need O2 and IV's I'd reckon they believe you to be in fairly urgent need of medical attention in hospital. i'd be really concerned that a paramedic who feels it's necessary to give such an intense range of treatment would then happily leave you at home! if you are in need of O2 (and aren't normally on it at home) and IV drugs it means your clinical signs are significantly deranged enough to require intervention, therefore needing you to be in hospital for close monitoring (believe it or not but after administration of IV's of any kindshould be monitored closely for various reasons too) besides, you are better off in hospital being monitored closely where you can get help straight away if you deteriorate, than be left at home when you are not fit and potentially collapse. As inconvenient as it might be :) generally speaking people are not taken into hospital without good reason :)

    hope you manage to stay out of hospital for a while yet x

  • My GP will give IM hydro, but they'll call an ambulance at the same time!

  • Thanks people...i guess theres no alternative then, and il have to live in a rubber ball for a bit longer untill they sort me grumpy sacs out!


  • My cons plan states that my GP is allowed to give me iv hydro as and when I need it, I generally stay there for a few hrs to make sure its settled enough to go home, it also states that paramedics can do the same and treat at home as much as poss.

    Guess if thats what you want to get it drawn up in a plan from your cons as it works well for me!

  • My GP has given me IV hydro before but only whilst waiting for ambulance to get to surgery. I doubt that they would ever let me go home after needing hydro. I don't think I've ever had an ambulance crew give me hydro. They usually canulate me and I get the IV hydro when I get to A&E. There's never been any question of them treating me and then not taking me to hospital as I'm pretty sure they wouldn't take that risk with a patient who's had lots of admissions and been ventilated. They have to cover their own backs and rightly so.

  • Right unless like Snowy have a pre-parapred plan and the crew is willing to follow if need IV hydro then hospital you go.... but can just have O2 driven nebs that sometimes do help and settle but you have to settle after it resps in normal range and normal SATS

  • thank you...i know on previous occassons ambo crews have cannulated me and given iv hydro but with how bad i was, i wouldnt have stayed at home anyway...

    im guessing then that untill my astham is more controlled im going to have to keep being a regular attender!! :(


  • The guidlines on giving IV hydro are debatable the crews are meant to only give it when severe attack and over 30 mins travel time to hospital (though I know allot of crews will give it when travel times are less!)

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