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Chiropractor Treatment

Hi, I started seeing a chiroppractor last year when I twisted my pelvis opening the PE shed at work. Once she sorted my lower back she started on the reflected pain and tension further up my back and neck. Without wishing to make it sound horrificc she basically cracked my spine all the way up, going up and down several times around my chest, she then asked me to push up in a press up position and take a breath - OMG! It was amazing, she says that the tension caused by struggling to breathe all the time really knots up thee back. I see here every term now, just because many of us teachers have appaling posture but she always spends a lot of the time on my chest area and she tells me whether I have been having a better or worse time!

This is quite expensive as I pay for it at a local sports injury clinic but just wondered if anyone had ever had this treatment. Quite sadly, I really do look forward to it and consider it quite a treat as I never realised how much your spine affects your ability to breathe.

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I think might be able to get it on NHS and there is always health cash plans Im with BHSF and I get 50% of cost of accupuncure (£32 a night per hospital night too!)


Hmm, interesting. I'm seeing a physio for another chronic problem (spine but pain referring to left arm/shoulder - she's the first to actually work out what was going on). I saw a chiropractor years ago for the same problem but it didn't help for that though probably did for posture.

I was progressing well with the physio but feel like things have been sliding backwards - interestingly since my breathing got worse even though she says things have 'maintained' and don't feel worse! Just wondering if maybe the breathlessness has made me more tense and therefore worse pain even though the problem I'm having treatment for is getting better.

The treatment does make me cough and sometimes more breathless - physio said possibly because she was working around nerves controlling chest area.


I've gone for acupuncture for years and find it very helpful. It's amazing how tense I get when I can't breathe very well! And what a relief it is to have that taken care of.



Hi nickynoo,

I'm a physio and just started working at a new place. My boss has 27yrs experience and started treating my asthma about 3 weeks ago (like you manual and also cranio sacral therapy). The first 4 treatments I felt terrible the next day(like having been in a car crash, just all achy) but my nerve pain around my ribs has gone and been doing daily exercises to mobilise ribs. I didn't know how stiff the whole chest area was!

She stretches my lungs and just recently found out that if she stretches my bronchi it feels like heaven for a few hours as it improves my breathing:-)

I really recommend cranio sacral therapy as it's gentle but so effective.

I'm so impressed I'm gonna specialise myself in that matter.

Take care

love Lydia x


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