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Dear friends

I may look well to you & you like to tell me so, but really I am not well. You cannot feel the constant pain in my chest or my struggle to hold a conversation with you. You cannot hear a wheeze so you assume I am ok. You do not realise how tired I am feeling or understand how the things you do on a daily basis wear me out so quickly. You do not have to take as long as me to get ready in the mornings or to have a bath. You dont need to take medicine or machines with you everytime you go out. You do not live in fear of changes in the weather or if you will be taken seriously ill whilst you are out. Please friends think about this but dont forget that I am still me.


P.S Sorry everyone, I wish I could show this to my friends.

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My sentiments exactly



Mine too! A good friend recently said 'You look alright' when I told her I felt rough. Even my husband was surprised at her comment and told me I looked ill.

My late father in law used to complain about people saying he looked well when he felt ill, he had lots of health problems including advanced cancer!


So true


no truer words have ever been written.

unless they have experienced silmilar, they have no idea.



I completely agree with you. Its just a shame its so difficult to speak our true feelings those that matter to use.



why not write this on computer, print it out, laminate it, and give it to friends to read.

true friends will read it and help you more. (hopefully).

In fact I think I will copy it (if thats ok) and show it to people who deal with my son. May help him as well.

Take care



Thanks you voice what I want to say to my friends and family. Well said , thank you hon.

And take care.



I agree with the others, well said.


Well written!


Well said! You could put it on facebook = increased public awareness.

It's great, may have to borrow it too please.


That's really well put. Thanks for posting


You are so right! Nobody wants to have to keep telling their friends or work colleagues how difficult life can be with asthma, but sometimes it needs saying. Maybe we all need to get a t-shirt printed!

Thanks for the post.



dear friend

Folk do not realise what its like to be asthmatic, very well written x


I've tried to explain to people what its like to have Asthma and they don't understand or choose not to, what you have written is so true and i copy it if thats ok?

Thank you x


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