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Mucus after attacks, and after certain foods?

Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted here. Hope everyone's doing ok. My asthma's not been too bad. Been working hard with my GP and think I've pretty much got my medication sorted. However there's something I need advice on, and I'm sure you knowledgeable people out there will be able to help.

I'm going for my 3-monthly asthma review tomorrow, and want to be armed with some info. My asthma is pretty much controlled, however I find that if I do need to puff on my Ventolin, or get a little tight chested, it takes ages to clear the sticky mucus. It just keeps on comin'!

I also find that if I eat something like fish and chips (very rarely) I get very tight chested and the mucus starts again. Was interested to read a previous thread about fatty foods, so that figures. I always seem to be coughing to clear mucus on a day to day basis which is very irritating and annoying. People often comment they can hear me long beforre they can see me!

I know from reading the boards that there is medication to help with this, and would maybe like to suggest it to my doc. What's it called, and has anyone had any experience of using it? Good or bad?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading your advice.


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Carbocistine has been mentioned. If you type it into the Search Keywords box on left hand side of this page, there is a post on it.


The is a reasearch between fatty foods and mucus production can also cause inflammation aswell I saw it in some mag the other day.... just after eating pizza!


I was given carbocysteine capsules to help clear the mucus but couldn't tolerate the side effects. I then tried Guafescin (not sure of the spelling) which is found in loads of cold preparations and is there to thin secretions to make it easier to expel but didn't like taking yet another medicine.

The latest thing I'm on is just saline you can buy it in a tin called Sterimar which you use up your nose. I know it sounds daft but I found washing out the nasal area helped clear all areas. There have been other threads on this site about it as I know others have tried.

Hope you can get some help.

Take care



I take carbocistine and found its brill with keeping mucus at bay,its my best friend now xxx


Hi guys

Thanks for your repies. I saw my doc yesterday, and he said that first thing he wanted to do was reduce my steroid inhaler - have been on 500/50 Seretide for ages, 2 pufs a day. So now I'm on 250/50, and going back in 4 weeks. If all is ok with the reduction, we're gonna look at the mucus thing. But asthma is pretty stable at now, he really wanted to do the stepping down, and not try too much at once.

Thanks for advice about saline. I have a netipot, which I usually just use when I have a cold/sinus problem, but will give it a go.

Tracey x


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