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Pleasant mistake

The last prescription i had filled was just a blue inhaler and only when i opened the box a few days later i discovered i'd been given the wrong device. Normally i have an autohaler but this time i'd been given a 'Squirt n Suck' type. it didn't matter cos it was the same drug so i decided to just start using it. i've decided i actually prefer this one rather than my autohaler, it's got a softer spray and is nearly silent in operation and i have no problem co-ordinating press and breathe in.

Now i think i need to convince my GP / asthma nurse that i'd rather have this type of inhaler in future. It's a shame i've only just had my review which means it's nearly 12 months until the next one is due and i don't want to go just to ask to change device. i'm lucky in that i very rarely have serious problems with my asthma so usually don't need to see medical people about it except for regular review

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Eeks, just as well it was the wrong device not the wrong medication. I would mention it to the pharmacy and GP anyway as that kind of mistake shouldn't happen but just as well it was of use to you.

Usually most practices these days have some phone appointments to save time so may be worth doing that. Or try calling them/dropping in to see what they can do?


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