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education day

just wonderd wether asthma uk have ever thought of holding a day for its members at a location where they could educate sufferers in latest research etc new treatments available have exhibitors from the pharm companys perhaps ,my other half suffers from psoriasis and they have the occasional skin day where medical types talk about new things reasearch etc and its also helps people realise they are not alone as they ususally interact wth others,just a thought.

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Try The Allergy Show at Olympia 12 - 14th June 2009????

Has lots of stands from the Orthodox stuff, the mainstream charitiies to the weird & wonderfull. some good stuff and some you take with a pinch of salt.

Have you asked AUK Direct?

AUK do have 'email an asthma nurse' as well as phone an asthma nurse, loads of info incl stuff about research on the website and also in the Asthma news if you subscribe as a member.

Regarding exibitors from pharmaceutical companies - these would be more relevant to the prescribers and health care professionals as all asthma meds are POM - Prescription only medicines. Though they may be able to promote educational materials etc.



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